Saturday, December 11, 2010

They're Getting To Our Kids!

The collectivists are infiltrating our SCHOOLS. They’ve been working on it for Years. They know they aren’t going to be able to convince US of the “rightness” of their scam, so they go after our kids, who haven’t even been ON this earth long enough to recognize collectivism (under whatever name) for what it is. Theft of all that is ours. Simply, they want to TAKE from those who EARN, and GIVE to those who DON’T.

GLEN WANTS AN APOLOGY: Forbes Magazine has accused Glenn Beck of lying about George Soros, but has presented NO proof of ANY lies he has told (They can’t, because he uses Soros’ own words to pillory him). So Glenn has demanded, on national television, they either provide some proof of his lies, or give him a public apology. Do you think he’ll get it? Not a chance. The liberal media never apologizes for ITS lies. He has even provided a yellow phone for them to call, but don’t expect it to ever ring, any more than the red one for Obama ever has.

THEIR LAST GASP: Democrats know they’re soon going to lose their supremacy in the Congress so they’re exercising their muscle in opposing Obama’s “deal” to extend Bush’s tax rate reductions for at least two years. It’s not the best of deals because it also spends billions to also extend unemployment payments. But it will give us time to make those tax rate reductions PERMANENT in the next (Republican-controlled) Congress. They purposely delayed work on this measure until AFTER the election so none of them would be “on record” BEFORE the election, for voting against it. If the measure extends beyond the end of the year, tax rates WILL go up, and government bureaucrats WILL gleefully charge more money. Meanwhile, something “in force” is very difficult to stop.

THEY JUST KEEP YOUR MONEY: California, once the richest state in the union, is in deep money trouble. They have informed people who paid their state income tax ON TIME that they will NOT receive their “refunds” . . . on time. And they will NOT get INTEREST on that money either, for the ten months the state keeps it while collecting the interest, itself.

ONLY THE LOWEST: Have you noticed that the only person (besides Assange) being prosecuted in the big “dump” of classified secrets by WikiLeaks is a low-ranking PRIVATE? Seems to me the higher-ranking people who ALLOWED him access to so much classified information ought to share some of the blame. But that’s not how it works in either military OR government.

“ESTATE TAX” IS THEFT: It’s “double-taxation.” The money they take away from the dead has already had some kind of a tax levied, and paid on it. They’re not entitled to this money, but they take it anyway because they can. Actually, this money has been taxed MANY times, but they will never admit this.

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