Sunday, December 26, 2010

N. Korea

N. KOREA THREATENS NUCLEAR WAR: The North Korean “rulers” are certifiably INSANE if they think they can start a nuclear war and it will be limited to South Korea. If they explode ONE nuclear device, ANYWHERE, that will be too much for even OBAMA to ignore. If he does, he will be impeached and run from office within a week, or simply assassinated. Joe Biden will “run for his life” and a Republican replacement will destroy North Korea. The final result will be North Korea as a distant memory where no one goes because it will be a nuclear wasteland for a hundred years. That might even be a GOOD thing, except for the deaths of all those innocents that Kim will be responsible for. Even if this kid’s family WAS killed in a raid on a Taliban stronghold, they were “collateral damage” of the kind seen in war. It doesn’t matter if the war is against a RECOGNIZED government or a band of bandits, as in this case.

MOST PRODUCTIVE CONGRESS IN YEARS: That’s what Democrats say. I say it is the most thieving Congress in years. The “lame duck Congress,” knowing it’s their last chance to loot America, passed many bills to do so in its “lame-duck” session. I don’t know how many billion (or trillion) dollars they spent, just in this short session, but I’m sure it was a record. That’s not productivity, it’s thievery. The lame duck session the year Republicans lost and Democrats took over passed NO bills.

NANCY PEELOSI GOING HOME: Yes, she will be back after the Christmas recess, but NOT as Majority Leader in the House. She will no longer be third in line to the presidency. Obama’s “life insurance policy” will be lessened considerably. She will have come as close as she ever will come to BEING president while looting this nation for TRILLIONS of dollars. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

JANET INCOMPETANO” “OBAMA DONE MORE THAN OTHER PRESIDENTS”: To accomplish WHAT? Bring us ever closer to socialism? He certainly hasn’t done ANYTHING to help the illegal alien situation in Arizona. In fact, he has done everything he can to HINDER it in Arizona, and everywhere else. He has spent more of OUR money than all the presidents before him put together. More money than there IS. Done more? You bet! But not things we would want him to do.

TREETOPS TATTLER: “99% of our politicians are giving the rest a bad name.” (Stolen from “Shoe” comics) Truer words were never spoken. And they’ve just finished ripping us off once again (in the “lame duck session”) while they can, after being “thrown out of office” for what they’ve done to us in the last two years. Has anybody ever noticed that the crooked politician in that strip is a “dead-ringer” for Teddy Kennedy?

THE “CHURCH AND STATE SCAM”: The “rule” concerning the “separation of church and state”is simple: the GOVERNMENT can make NO LAW concerning religion OR the practice thereof. A school (a quasi-government agency) putting up a Christmas display involving a crèche containing the Baby Jesus (willingly) simply does NOT represent a violation of that concept. And “concept” it is: it is NOT in the Constitution, NOR the Declaration of Independence. It is NOT a law, not does it have the FORCE of law.6

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