Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Feds Against Border Control

They took two of their number (under Bush) and put them in PRISON for doing their jobs. They allowed the subject of the shooting for which the Border Patrol Agents were imprisoned to not only SUE them, but keep on bringing in dope, over and over, until he was caught again. Time and again the feds were begged to undo this travesty and would not. Now people are being MURDERED while trying their best, under the difficult condition of opposition from the feds, to defend our borders. Frankly, I wouldn’t be caught DEAD wearing a Border Patrol uniform.

COMMANDEERING THE PRESIDENTIAL PRESS CONFERENCE: That’s what FORMER president Bill Clinton did recently, and our current wimpy president let him. And he held the podium for an hour and a half. Nobody knows what he said in that time because most of it was gobbledegook. I think this is the first time this has ever happened, in the history of this country, where a FORMER president upstaged a CURRENT president in a news conference.

GAS PEDAL STICKS: The driver makes a cell phone call to 9-11 reporting it. Meanwhile his car crashes, killing several people. Why didn’t he simply turn off the ignition or put it in neutral? I hate to speak ill of the dead, but this man isn’t (wasn’t) too bright. Even a kindergartener would be smart enough to know to turn the motor off, and quickly. Instead, he causes one of the biggest recalls ever, forcing Toyota to pay billions of dollars to the government, as well as others just as ignorant..

911 WORKER BILL PASSES: Meanwhile, the Muslims are still trying to build a monument to the murderers who brought down the World Trade Center buildings (quite by accident, I might add), and do it partially at American taxpayer expense. This government needs to make an unequivocal statement that, not only will the American people NOT be required to help pay for this abomination, it will not be ALLOWED.

INTELLIGENCE CHIEF KNOWS NOT ABOUT TERRORISM: He was asked, on national television, a question about the British arrest of several people in a terrorist plot and he looked like a fish out of water. His mouth kept opening and closing with nothing coming out. He knew NOTHING about it, and it was the day AFTER. This is how we are being “protected” against terrorism by the feds.

WHAT DID WE ELECT? Many Americans STILL don’t know what they elected to the presidency of this great nation. They’re STILL not paying attention to politics. They don’t have any idea that we have been moved significantly closer to socialism (many don't even know what socialism IS), and that he has spent more money than there IS in his attempt (successful) to break us financially. If you don’t believe that, tell me at raythomas101@yahoo,com and I’ll send you the proof.

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