Saturday, January 1, 2011

Unions At Work

Mayor Bloomberg got the blame, but the cause of the lack of street clearing in New York was a “work slowdown” sponsored by the city’s unions to protest the city’s lowering of wages and laying off of union members. A 70-year-old woman and a newborn child DIED (and how many others we don’t know about) because of it. But the union didn’t care. They made their point.

REGULATORY ROADBLOCK: There is no shortage of innovation in this country, but the innovators can’t get over the regulatory roadblocks placed upon them by this government. Politicians decry “foreign manufacture” of products sold in the United States, but they promote regulatory roadblocks that make it impossible for innovators to do anything with their innovative ideas in this country and find it necessary to go to manufacturers in other countries, most often communist China, whose prices are lower than anyone else’s because they use slave labor in their factories and pay them little if anything.

TAKEOVER BY IMMIGRATION: If the Islamic terrorists can’t “take over” this country by killing us, they will one day do so by simply outnumbering us. The Muslim population in European countries is rising propitiously (a whole lot, for those in Rio Linda). In some countries, Muslims are in the majority—and I’m not talking about countries that are traditionally Muslim. I'm talking about France. And you can bet when Muslims are in the majority in this country they will make laws Americans don’t like. But since they will be in the majority then, there will be nothing we can do about it. Before that, we will be “ruled” by a Hispanic majority. Hispanics in the Southwest in this country are ALREADY in the majority and the number of Hispanic names you see on the ballot in various elections is rising, again propitiously. Something to think about.

“LIVING CONSTITUTION”: What does that mean? To a liberal (who coined that definition) it means the Constitution is just what the Supreme Court says it is, regardless of what’s written in it. One Supreme Court Justice can change it, simply by saying so. That’s wrong. The Constitution itself gives specific instructions on how it can be changed. NO other method can be legally used. All a Supreme Court Justice can do is tell us whether a law is, or is not constitutional, using the words therein, only. Not foreign law, not his personal opinion, ONLY the words IN the Constitution. And that Justice should be removed and imprisoned if he departs from that.

INALIENABLE RIGHTS: Congress cannot bestow “rights” upon us. Our Creator did that. Certain rights are ours by right of BIRTH, no matter what form “our Creator” takes. The Constitution merely RECOGNIZES those rights and Congress cannot change that. The most important right is that of self defense, and to own and use the means to that defense. Next is the right to our own opinion and the right to express that opinion without fear of imprisonment or execution. We do NOT have a “right” to a job paying as much as WE think it should pay. A “right” is something that we have WITHOUT being TAKEN from somebody else.

“TRUMP THE CONSTITUTION?” Some people say International Law “trumps the Constitution” in the United States. Not so! NOTHING “trumps the Constitution” in the United States. There are SOME parts of International Law that we may RECOGNIZE, but not if it goes against the Constitution of the United States, which is the BEDROCK upon which ALL our laws are based, and whose tenets EVERY law made in this country MUST abide.

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