Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Redistribution of (Your) Wealth

That’s what Obama and his “fellow travelers” are advocating They’re not talking about their own wealth and they’re careful to EXEMPT themselves from the bills they scam into law. It’s YOUR wealth they’re after, and the longer these people are ”in power,” the more of it will belong to THEM, and not to YOU. They’ll say I’m lying, but they won’t be able to prove it.

YOU SHOULD BE SILENT: They’re “demonizing” the people who are speaking out against Obama’s socialist policies by claiming they’re racist. All without a shred of proof. No matter how much we prove they’re lying, they continue to lie, using Hitler’s PR man’s policies of telling a lie as often as possible until it is accepted as truth, and people will fight you if you try and “wake them up.”

OBAMA’S A SMOKER: Even though he smokes, he wants to take away your right to smoke. It’s standard operating procedure to exempt themselves from what they demand of you, and this is one BIG example of that. It’s part of liberalism to want to control what YOU do while making sure any laws made, or rules posted do not effect THEM.

BRINGING IT CRASHING DOWN: There’s an ad on the radio that asks if you’re afraid of the banks and corporations “bringing the whole thing crashing down.” Logic tells us the banks and corporations will not bring ANYTHING “crashing down” because it's not to their advantage-- unless they’re obeying a law the GOVERNMENT made—such as the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976,” REQUIRING lenders to loan money to people who would NEVER pay it back, because they “need” it. I’m afraid of the GOVERNMENT “bringing it all crashing down.”

SHARPTON NOT BELIEVABLE: But he keeps on with his intimidation of “big business,” demanding they “contribute” to his “charities” (which he controls, absolutely) or he’ll sue them, accusing them of racism. It’s a similar scam to the one run by Jesse Jackson, another well known race whore. But Sharpton has discredited himself by his own actions. He was never very believable, but is even less believable today.

LARRY KING LOSES 50% OF HIS AUDIENCE: He is one of the worse liberal whores there is on television, and Americans are getting “wise” to him and going elsewhere for what he pretends to provide. Maybe he’ll demand the government FORCE more people to watch his show. That’s what liberals do.

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