Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Obama: you can screw us six ways to Sunday, take what we own, put us in prison if we object, fine us if we refuse your unconstitutional orders, but one day (soon) we’re going to say, “enough!” and put you, and your accomplices in this swindle, “out to pasture.” I think that’s going to come in 2010 and 2012.

IF YOU HAVE A GUN: If you’re a liberal, you’re ignored. If you’re not a liberal (whatever you are), the cops are called to make sure you have a permit to carry that gun. Violence, today, is whatever a liberal THINKS it is. It’s the same way they define “sexual harassment.” It is anything the person “being harassed” does not enjoy. Which means it is a SUBJECTIVE thing, subject to the WHIM of the person defining it.

Obama issued (or promised to issue) an Executive Order banning any DIRECT use of federal money to support abortion. It is meaningless because of that one word, “directly.” There are many ways to INDIRECTLY support abortion with federal money. Obama bought Stupek’s vote with a meaningless Executive Order.

BUYING A “PIG IN A POKE”: That’s what Peelosi wants us to do, and we did it. We “passed the bill” to find out what’s IN IT! Since when do we need to make a law without knowing what we’re making? How stupid does she think we are?” Looks like we ARE as stupid (some of us) as she thinks we are (most of them in Congress).

ENEMIES OF THE REPUBLIC: Democrats are “enemies of the republic” and Barack Obama is “enemy number one,” after signing the unconstitutional health care swindle he scammed into passage into law, against the Constitution. He doesn’t care that it’s unconstitutional, even that many states are mounting constitutional actions against him. He is so arrogant, he says he “expects those actions to fail.” Does that mean he has such a “strangle-hold” on the courts that they can’t win?4 If that’s true, he is now a DICTATOR.

“THESE ARE THE TIMES THAT TRY MEN’S SOULS”: This is one of the most famous statements from the Revolutionary War times, and it applies again today. Obama and his forces are “trying our souls,” and if he keeps it up, I predict that there WILL be another revolution, to get rid of him. Bureaucrats, notice: I’m not SUGGESTING this, I’m merely predicting it.


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