Saturday, March 6, 2010

Isn't It Great?

We “only” lost 36,000 jobs last month! That’s what Senate Majority Leader Harry Ried thinks. He’s right. It could have been a lot worse, and if Obama has his way, it will be. Everything he does, and everything he PLANS to do will make this recession (that his people CREATED to get him elected) worse. Every new tax he lays on us will have that effect, and he has a LOT of new taxes he wants to lay on us.

“LIVING LEGENDS”: Jeremiah Wright and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan are “living legends” in the mind of Wright, and he plans a big event to “make it so.” When you proclaim YOURSELF a “living legend,” does it count? Wright AND Farrakhan are as loony as they come. And this proves it.

JUST TELL ME WHY: Why has the cost of tuition for colleges more than DOUBLED in the last ten years? Has the value of the education kids get doubled, as well? I don’t think do.

CAPITALISM DOESN’T WORK: That’s what colleges all over the country are teaching their charges. Yet colleges themselves are some of the biggest capitalist organizations there are--and they don’t pay any taxes. How do they equate this to their phony teachings?

THEY’RE IN CHARGE: The loony demonstrators (such as the SDS, or “Students for a Democratic Society”, some of the most violent and “way out there” extremists) are now “in office” in Washington and are working hard to make their extremist views into the “law of the land.”

“FEARING VIOLENCE”: Nancy Peelosi is whining about her “fear of violence,” which she wants to attribute to the Tea Party people. But to date, the only violence out there has been from HER people, trying to INCITE the Tea Partiers to violence, and when they can’t, doing violence themselves.

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