Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Is "Hate Speech?"

Ann Coulter was “warned” about “hate speech” before she was not allowed to speak at a recent event at a Canadian college (Ottowa). As usual, nobody mentioned exactly WHAT “hate speech” they were talking about; because they can’t. They have DEFINED everything someone like Coulter says as “hate speech,” while they go about spewing their own “hate speech” all over the place. Can anybody DEFINE “hate speech?” Nobody has even TRIED. It’s just a “throwaway line” they use to describe anything with which they disagree.

HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH IT? How do today’s politicians (once radical hippies) get away with their excesses? First, they control the means of prosecution so they can never be prosecuted for most of their crimes. Second, there’s nobody paying attention. Most Americans are too busy earning a living to study what they do as I do since I’ve been retired. Those who aren’t earning a living are likely in “their corner,” wishing to obtain as many “freebies” as they can. People today read only the headlines, which often tell a story completely opposite to reality.

OBAMA’S ISRAEL TREATMENT UNCONSCIONABLE: Israel is one of our staunchest supporters in the Middle East. What earthly gain do we have by criticizing them about purely INSIDE Israel actions? The Palestinians don’t own a single foot of Israel. Yet they want to take a section of land from them for an independent state. Hell, Israel has ALREADY given back some of the land they won. Where do they get the idea they can take land they LOST in a war for their own uses?

ASSASSINS LEFTISTS: Most of the well known assassins recently (and not so recently) have been leftists. When was the last time you heard of a conservative riot (for real, not a liberal invention)? The liberals like to talk about violence from the right, but so far, all of the violence has been from those on the left. I’m sure liberals will “jump up and down” about that. They hate it when we tell the truth about them. They like to call that “hate speech” while they talk about “killing Bush” and make movies about assassinating him.

“HATE SPEECH” DEFINED: Obama wants “hate speech” to be defined as “anything said or written that is contrary to what Obama wants. That’s how he intends to shut up his critics. This is how would-be dictators usually shut their critics up. Make a “reasonable-sounding” law and enforce it specifically against your enemies, but not your friends.

CAPITALISM BEING KILLED? Is it dying on its own, or is being killed by the incompetent policies of liberals? It is the latter, though the liberals want you to think it is the former. Capitalism is in trouble because the liberals passed a law in 1976 (The “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act) to FORCE lenders to loan money to people who could not, would not, repay it. A “recipe for disaster” designed to let liberals take over the government, which it did. Now everything they do is designed to make the economy worse, while they claim only they can make things better. Hoping you won’t “tumble to” their scam.

IGNORANCE IS BLISS: Besides being the "working title" of my next book, it is the condition under which a lot of people operate. Like the woman who recently told me she liked Obama and didn't want to hear anything against him. She doesn't want to hear the truth apparently, if it would destroy her religious-like faith that Obama "knows all."6

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