Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amaazon to Colorado: "Go to Hell"

The State of Colorado has passed a law to force Internet vendors to become their “tax collectors” on Internet sales. Amazon has told them to “go to hell” and has cut off their affiliates in Colorado. The governor says their action is “uncalled for.” I disagree. The State of Colorado’s action is what is “uncalled for.” Amazon’s is “self-defense.”

“SHUTTING OUT” THE PUBLIC: Obama has now closed the doors to his speeches on his health care swindle, talking only to people he can count on to applaud him when he speaks, and are not likely to oppose him. This, from the jerk who promised a “transparent government” to the ignorant people who elected him, and who will UNelect him in 2012, after unelecting his Democrat majority in the Congress in 2010. He’s not only destroying this country’s economy, he’s destroying the Democrat Party, too.

SCANDALS: Look for anybody, Democrat or Republican, who opposes Obama’s health care swindle, to be accused of a scandal. That’s how the Democrats always handle any opposition to their plans. Congressman Massa is just one of their recent victims.

WITH US OR DESTROYED: With Democrats, you either vote THEIR way, or they destroy you. First, they’ll try and bribe you, as they did with several members who opposed them until they got billions of dollars in aid for their states, and if you don’t “buy in,” they’ll go to their “scandal book,” the book where they keep all the incriminating information about ALL congresspeople, and destroy you.

LOW EXPECTATIONS: Hollywood says they aren’t racist, but they are. They hide it well, but it takes the form of “low expectations” for actors who are black, foreign, or in any other way “different.” Like the way they treated the young, overweight, black actress who starred in an Oscar-Winning movie.

“SCARING PEOPLE”: The Democrats are whining about the Republicans’ attempts to “scare people,” as if scaring people wasn’t the basis for everything they do to get elected, and laws passed. What a bunch of transparent fools. And they don’t think people who pay attention see this. Maybe they're counting on that number not being too big, and they could be right. How did they get elected in the first place?

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