Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pass The Bill

So we can see what’s IN it. That’s what Nancy Peelosi said about Obama’s health care swindle bill, which is now “the law of the land,” and we STILL don’t know what’s in it, though things are “dribbling out” as to what’s in it. And so far, NOBODY likes the things “dribbling out.” Obama promised federal funding for abortion (baby-killing in the womb) would NOT be in it. But like with ALL things Obama has promised, it is a LIE. It IS there. They talk about “sharing the wealth.” But they mean YOUR wealth, if you earn your own way, so those who DON’T earn their own way can benefit from YOUR work. How stupid does she think we ARE?

IS THIS WHERE WE ARE NOW? Having to make a new law costing us TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, just so we can see what’s in IT? How STUPID! If you don’t stand up on your hind legs and GET RID of this woman (and Obama), you deserve what you get! The 2010 election will come soon, and most Democrats in Congress are up for re-election. Show them what we do to people who screw them like they’ve done to us!

THE CENSUS: All you’re REQUIRED to do is tell the census HOW MANY people live in your house. Nothing else! Do not allow them to intimidate you into giving them more information than that.

SOCIALISM NOW NOT A “DIRTY WORD”: Many people don’t even know what socialism MEANS. That included my own sister until I described it for her. Many others have no idea how BAD it is, and thus don’t react when their “leaders” reveal their socialistic leanings, so they do. They’re now “right up front” about being socialists and nobody cares.

DO RESEARCH: With the Internet, research is now easy. All you have to do is Google the word “socialism” to learn what it is. But be careful who you ask. If they talk about how you should “share” with others, RUN away. If they talk about “giving back,” go elsewhere. They’re talking about sharing YOUR wealth and “giving back” to people to whom you owe NOTHING.

DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! Your “leaders” are lying to you, every day, in every way. I saw an ad today that said you now would get the SAME medical care as Congress does. That’s a flat-out LIE. The day you get the SAME medical care as government employees, specifically congresspeople, I’ll have a heart attack and die. The things they push on YOU are NEVER the same as what THEY get, and never WILL be. The laws they pass to apply to YOU, are carefully written to EXEMPT them.

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