Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free Publicity, Anybody?

Strange: Cokie Roberts said Glenn Beck is a “traitor to the country he claims to love” just before the release of her new book. James Coburn called Beck a “F—king A—hole” just before the release of HIS book. Wonder why? These are the people who whine about “being nice.” Hmmmmm. Maybe if I called Cokie a b--ch, I might get some free publicity for MY latest book—or maybe the one I’m writing now. Probably not. They only do that for their own books.

BOYCOTTING BECK: Obama's organizing a "boycott Glen Beck" campaign. And I didn't know until Beck told me. Nice to know he's "drawing blood." Funny he’s not trying to do the same to Limbaugh. Maybe he’s afraid of him.

NEW HOME SALES DOWN: You may have heard stories about how the “recession is lessening.” Not so, if you’re a new home builder. Didya know Obama is continuing the practice of forcing lenders to loan money to those unable to repay them? The same thing that CREATED the recession in the first place? Is anybody listening? Knock, knock. Hey!

COVERING EVERYTHING: Lotsa snow is “evidence of climate change” (AlGore’s new name for “global warming”). No snow is “evidence of climate change.” Hot weather in summer is “evidence of climate change.” This is AlGore’s “all-encompassing” name for his swindle. Don’t fall for it and send money. It has made him a billionaire and a Nobel Laureate, already.

INCOMPETENCE: Obama said kids would not be cut out of his health care swindle. But, surprise, surprise! There’s nothing in the bill they passed into law that says kids are covered. They’re now scrambling to cover them. What is this but incompetence on the part of those writing the bill?

DEATH THREATS: Obama, Peelosi, Reed, et al, are claiming they get “death threats.” Everybody who writes or says ANYTHING in the political arena gets death threats. Limbaugh does. Glenn Beck does. I do. But do we whine about it? No. That’s part of what we’re doing. But liberals USE those “death threats” to show “how bad we are.”

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