Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turn Off The Ignition, Dammit!

People are being killed because they cannot figure out the simplest of things. Toyota cars are accelerating uncontrollably and they can’t figure out to TURN OFF THE IGNITION! Or put it in neutral, THEN turn off the ignition. Don’t do all the complicated things Obama’s government tells you, such as hit the brake and emergency brake simultaneously. That doesn’t work. It just divides your consciousness. Turn it OFF! Then park it and call for help. That’ll keep you alive.

WHY GET RID OF DEALERS? The way to make your company better is NOT to get rid of your customers. GM’s dealers are their only DIRECT customers. GM does not sell directly to the public. The more dealers they have, the more sales they make. So why is Obama forcing them to kill off thousands of their dealers and CAUSING higher unemployment in the process? I’ve asked everywhere and get no answer. Can anybody logically answer that question? Please tell me if you can.

THEY’RE FRIGHTENED: The Islamic terrorists in Iraq are deathly afraid of the Iraqi government becoming strong and powerful. Which is why they’re trying their best to stop the Iraqi elections from happening. They’re killing people for voting, and blowing up voting places. Anything to frighten people away from the voting places and make them afraid to vote.

“PLAYING THE NUMBERS”: Playing the numbers has always been illegal—until the government started doing it, “muscling out” the mafia and other mobster organizations. Now the Same people who used to keep the mob in business are supporting the government.

GOVERNMENT-HATERS: The guy who shot up the Pentagon and got himself killed was mad at the government. So naturally Obama’s gangsters are trying to blame his attack on the Tea Parties.

OBAMA AND THE OLYMPICS: Many say they should take the Gold Medal away from the American who won it and give it to Barack Obama, who clearly has “gone downhill” faster than anyone else in American history. But of course, he never entered, feeling he didn’t need to enter any contests, since he’s so perfect at everything.

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