Thursday, March 4, 2010

"We Want Obama Dead?"

“Calypso Louie” Farrakhan says the conservatives are conspiring to kill Obama because he’s black, and has been elected president. What a stupid thing to even THINK, much less SAY it in a speech, even to his “mind-numbed robots.” Every night I kneel down (As best I can) and PRAY for the life of Barack Obama because if he dies in office we get Joe Stupid as president, or Nancy Peelosi. I think Obama’s in deadly danger from the LIBERALS as long as he insists they vote for his health care swindle—which is going to get a lot of them voted out of office. How STUPID is this man?

ISN’T IT STRANGE…? If you look at the land the federal government has just taken “for the wild horse range,” is almost the same boundaries of the land where there are shale oil deposits. Billions, maybe trillions of dollars’ worth. Funny, isn’t it? How the federal government can disguise the taking of future valuable land by claiming to do it for “a good purpose.” And it’s more prevalent when Democrats are in charge. Hmmmm.

FANNIE AND FREDDIE: They’re still buying up those “bad loans” brought on by the Democrats’ “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976”, created to FORCE lenders to make loans to people who could not repay them, ever, to create pressure on the economy that could be “tripped” at will to guarantee a Democrat victory in an election. That’s because, now that Democrats are “in control,” having “tripped” their “pressure cooker” just before the 2008 elections to guarantee a Democrat victory and a “bloodless coup” to take over the U. S. government. They want to make sure (with OUR money) that those “bad loans” won’t scuttle their own administration.

“KEEPING THEM HONEST”: To whom does Anderson Cooper (on CNN) refer when he says he “keeps them honest.” That gives rise, in his case, to the question: How do you keep ANYBODY honest until you’re honest yourself? Anderson Cooper is one of the most DIShonest “journalists” I’ve seen lately (and there are many). He ignores stories that would put to question the liberal ideas, and distorts or lies about the ones he DOES cover. How does that equate to “keeping us honest?”

60 VOTES REQUIRED FOR THE OTHER SIDE: Obama whined many times when he was just a liberal senator from Chicago (and the Republicans were in power) about the “non-necessity” of doing the important things by a 60-vote margin. That was then, and this is now. He’s president, and he’s having trouble getting his own party to go along with his health care swindle. So now he’s whining about the “necessity” of having that majority to pass his law to take over 1/7 of the entire economy.

“MY FELLOW COMMUNISTS”: Obama constantly refers to “my fellow progressives.” “Progressive” is today’s “code word” for collectivist (socialist, communist, fascist, etc.). How plain can he be that he IS a collectivist?” He tells us who he is every day, in every way, but we (most of us) don’t understand what he’s telling us because we (most of us) “don’t pay attention to politics.”

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