Saturday, March 27, 2010

Obama--Er, Osama threatens U. S. Troops

He’s threatening to kill American troops if we DARE to kill his murdering thugs we now have in custody. Tell me: how is this different from what his people do every day? Does he (if he’s still alive and kicking) really think we will just “let them go” if he threatens to do what he does every day?: What a fool he has running his organization!

CONSTRUCTION UNEMPLOYMENT: Now at 27%. In spite of all the “stimulus programs” Obama is putting out and all the taxpayer money he’s spending. Then there are all those “shovel-ready” projects he said he’d be financing. His bills are becoming law NOW, and the taxes begin NOW, but "benefits" won’t be “kicking in” for four years, just before the next presidential election (surprise, surprise!)..

LIES ABOUT REAGAN: Liberals like to talk about how Reagan “hurt a lot of people.” He did not. Unless you consider those who won’t work. He lowered the base tax rate from the (liberal-passed) 70% range to 28%, creating one of the biggest, longest lasting economic booms that ever happened. Kennedy also lowered the tax rate and created a boom, but not as big because Congress was liberal. Bush lowered the tax rate yet again, and caused the boom to continue until the liberal scam to win the 2008 election “kicked in" in late 2008, causing an “economic slowdown” that got him the presidency.

CHILDREN BEATING UP ADULTS: In New York, bands of children are beating up on random people and the ”authorities” are upset about it and want to “hold the parents responsible.” The “child protectors” will PUT YOU IN PRISON if you so much as “raise your hand” to your children, and when they predictably get in trouble, they want to hold YOU responsible I think the “child protection services” (no matter what name they go under) should be held responsible for making it impossible to control your children.

CONGRESS THREATENED: This is the first time I’ve ever heard about members of the Senate and House being threatened—really threatened—because of something they voted for. At least, not in this country. That ought to tell them something they should have known BEFORE they voted in this monstrosity of a health care swindle. But I don’t think the people opposed to it are doing it. I think their own people are doing it so they can blame it on conservatives and Republicans in an continuing effort to discredit them.

WHAT, EXACTLY ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT? Liberals like to talk about how Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and other non-0liberal pundits are “fomenting violence when they tell the truth about what THEY’RE doing. But they never give us SPECIFICS about what they’re saying because they can’t. These people are saying NOTHING that would, by any intelligent person, be considered “hate speech. So they complain about what they’re saying, GENERALLY, knowing those who pay no attention will believe them.

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