Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Expecting the Worst

I’m sure I haven’t yet come to the attention of our dictator yet, but I probably will soon, after he destroys all those ahead of me in line for destruction for having the audacity to oppose anything he does, If I just ”disappear,” you’ll know it happened. I’ve seen some bad presidents, but never one this bad. People have SAID that previous presidents have schemes in the works to stay in office forever. This is the first one from whom I fear this is true.

MAKING ME PHYSICALLY ILL: I’ve seen some bad presidents, but none (until now) who made me physically ILL to hear him speak or see his picture everywhere I go. Yes, I know presidents get a lot of coverage. But the coverage this one (Obama) gets is excessive. His people say he gets a lot of opposition. They’re right. He’s now even getting opposition from his previous FRIENDS because they can see how he is DESTROYING this country with his insane policies. But the media (who can’t see it) is still pushing him, against all odds. I hope I live long enough to see him ousted in 2012.

“DEEMING” IT PASSED: Talk about arrogance! They don’t even CARE if we know exactly how they’re swindling us. There is NOTHING in the Constitution saying an administration may “deem” a bill passed into law without a vote. Therefore Obama’s (former) planned method to pass his health care swindle into law if he cannot even get a majority of DEMOCRATS to vote for it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and you don’t even need to be a “constitutional scholar” to see it. Thus, it’s ILLEGAL, and can be ignored--if you want to be shot or imprisoned illegally. Update: he didn't get to "deem" it passed, but he bought enough votes to get it done, so we got raped, anyway.

A FLAT-OUT LIE: They say Obama’s health care swindle law will “reduce the national debt by $900 BILLION dollars." Does ANYBODY believe this crap outside of the liberal media? What a major SWINDLE is being run on us! It really amazes me that we have so many people living in this country who have no idea what Obama is doing to us because they REFUSE to pay attention to the “details” of what he’s doing!

INSURANCE COMPETITION: If Obama really wants to make the insurance companies compete, he’ll repeal the law that disallows interstate selling of insurance. This law, PROTECTING insurance companies from competition, is the major reason why rates are so high today, but nobody will admit it. They won’t even talk about it.

NO GUN NECESSARY: A man walked into a school in China and murdered eight (count ‘em) EIGHT children. There were no armed people in that school able to stop him. In a country with STIFF anti-gun laws, you’d think there would BE no violence. But cops there are grappling with a real increase in violent crime.

TEA PARTY VIOLENCE! I’ve just received word that somebody at the most recent Tea Party meeting was doing violence. He was “brandishing a placard” saying, “Kill the Bill!” This is how Democrats define “violence” when talking about people who disagree with them, Tea Partiers, or otherwise. But they don’t often tell us what, specifically, WAS the "violence.”

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