Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"So-Called Pre-Existing Conditions"

That’s what a Democrat congressman called it. Congressman, they’re NOT “so-called.” They ARE. I shouldn’t have to pay for treating YOUR cancer, nor should you have to pay for mine. That’s not “so-called,” it’s an absolute. And don’t give me that crap that there are no absolutes. There ARE; that’s an absolute.

“DEEM IT PASSED”: The Democrats don’t have even enough DEMOCRAT votes to pass Obama’s health care swindle, so they want to now “deem it passed” WITHOUT a vote. There is nothing in the Constitution allowing this kind of swindle so ANYTHING they pass this way WILL be unconstitutional and thus, illegal. But they don’t care, so long as it gets “passed.”

OBAMA IS AGAINST ISRAEL: Thus, his opposition to Israel building more housing for its residents on land the Palestinians want for a future “homeland.” Now, the Palestinians LOST that land in a war, so it BELONGS to Israel and Palestinians have no claim on it except in their own minds.

STUPID THINKING: Obama thinks Republicans are against ANY kind of spending, for anything. Which is stupid. But then, those of us who actually “pay attention to politics” expect this kind of thinking from him.

OBAMA DOESN’T UNDERSTAND: He can’t figure out why Americans are AGAINST his “efforts” to improve the economy.” That’s because his Keynesian efforts will NOT make things better, and will only make things worse, as did those of FDR.

TROTSKY MARVELED: Trotsky, who lived in New York City for a time, marveled at the things the “average worker” in America had, such as running water, their own homes, and many other things they would not have in Russia. He didn’t understand it was CAPITALISM that allowed them to have such amenities.

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