Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's WRONG with Obama?

This country is trying to tell him we REJECT his health care swindle, but he isn’t hearing us. He is trying every filthy trick in the book and some that aren’t in the book to pass this bill into law AGAINST the American people’s wishes. What does he hope to gain? Does he hope he can postpone or eliminate the 2012 election and stay in office for the rest of his life? If he does, I can PROMISE him a revolution that will get rid of him forever. Americans will NOT allow him to become a dictator.

THE SAME DEAL: Obama refuses to answer the question about why Congress gets a much better deal on health care than do “average Americans.” That’s because he can’t answer the question without hurting his “cause.” They also get a MUCH better deal on their retirement plan, but nobody (including Obama) wants to talk about that.

READ UP ON IT: If you want to know what’s really going on, read “What’s Wrong IN America” or “Pay ATTENTION to Politics,” both available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They go into detail and name names and places on just how your own government is scamming you and you don’t know it if you aren’t “paying attention.”

ARROGANCE AND IGNORANCE: House members are saying “we are GOING to pass this bill, no matter WHAT the American people want.” That is the heights of arrogance, and I condemn it. All these arrogant politicians are going to be “sent home” in the 2010 election, and Obama will be sent back to Chicago in 2012.

HOW TO TELL WHEN OBAMA LIES: His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out, or he is writing something; or one of his stooges, after he winds him up, does the same. They’re running an ad right now that tells all the lies about Obama’s health care swindle, just before the “non-vote.”

WHY I’M AFRAID TO WASH MY CAR: A lot of people ask me why I don’t wash my car. This cartoon is the best illustration of my answer.

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