Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama Has Created Many Jobs!

The only problem is, they’re all GOVERNMENT jobs, mostly in the IRS. This onerous agency has collected a record amount of “delinquent” taxes since Obama was elected. Obama is quickly reducing the number of people who CAN contribute to the “tax take” by doing everything he can to cause unemployment to rise as quickly as possible, so he has to find a way to increase it. Hence, the increase in the number of IRS agents to audit you and squeeze as much money out of you as they can.

STUPID ASSUMPTION: The “anti-smoking Nazis now say “smoking leads to smoking pot.” How stupid is that? I smoked for 45 years and NEVER was tempted to smoke pot. I may be one of the few people left who doesn’t know what pot tastes like. Although with eighteen years as a paramedic, I do know what it SMELLS like. I scraped many pot smokers off the sidewalk and streets, along with the drunks.

MOVING THE TERRORISTS: I’ve been using the word “stupid” a lot lately because that’s the only proper word to use to describe what our currently elected politicians are. The latest stupidity is moving the trial of the terrorist who masterminded 9/11 out of New York City, but keeping it in the United States, which still gives him rights to which he is NOT entitled. He needs to be moved OUTSIDE the United States and tried in a military court, along with other foreign nationals who attacked us.

DESTROYING PRIVATE INSURANCE: The way they’ve got it set up, it’s cheaper to pay the government for not having health insurance because the fine is about 25% of the cost of that insurance. If you get caught breaking the law and you run into a tree while escaping, giving yourself major brain damage, all your family needs to do is buy some insurance AFTER THE INJURY, and the insurance company MUST cover it because they cannot refuse to cover pre-existing conditions. This is GUARANTEED to destroy the health insurance industry in a few years while insuring a lot more money for the government. It’s also cheaper for your employer to pay the fine for not offering you insurance, so they’ll drop your insurance.

THE INSURANCE SCAM: When they get the health insurance swindle in “full swing,” look for them to take over other forms of insurance, too, while making it easier and less expensive to pay the fine, rather than actually carry the insurance. Especially since they will not be allowed to refuse to cover something that was in existence before you bought the insurance.

“JIHAD JANE”: They arrested an American woman for planning an atrocity in support of the Islamic terrorists in the United States. They call her “Jihad Jane,” and her arrest has sparked fears of “homegrown terrorists” in the United States. Why? What stupidity would cause an otherwise intelligent woman to embrace the ignorant ways of Islamic terrorists? Is she gay? Does she want her “74 virgins” in the afterlife? Or will they have male virgins just for her? People who believe that silly promise of “74 virgins” aren’t too bright in the first place.

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