Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama Waves His Scepter

And his health care swindle is law. That’s what’s going to happen if the House successfully “deems” it to have been passed. Only it will be actually “Queen Peelosi” who “waves HER scepter” and “deems” it passed. This is what we’ve come to with Obama in the “driver’s seat.” Fortunately, so far, we still have the Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional—unless Obama can get to them, too.

THE REAL ISSUE: In health care, the REAL issue is, “who decides?” Who decides whether you’re too old for life-saving surgery or life-saving medication? You, or some unnamed, faceless bureaucrat somewhere whose only care is the cost and if it will benefit you long enough? Who makes your medical decisions, YOU, or someone else? Will YOU be condemned to death because you “probably won’t live much longer anyway?” I’m 73 years old. Is that a good reason for someone I don’t even know to condemn me to death?

“TURN $50G INTO $5G: That’s what Obama is telling businesspeople. It costs a lot of money to hire even ONE new employee if you don’t need him/her. So offering a $5,000 “bounty” for each new hire who stays there a while is futile, and he will not get many takers because businesspeople tend to be more intelligent than politicians. The only people who will claim that bounty are those who would have hired someone anyway.

THE BIGGEST LIE: Obama is telling a lot of lies to pass his health care swindle, but the biggest lie is the one that taking over 1/7 of the economy will not increase the debt. That it will be “revenue neutral.” How he expects ANYBODY with any degree of intelligence to buy that crap simply shows HIS ignorance.

JUST SHOOT HIM: Attorney General Holder says Osama “will not be taken alive.” Is that Osama’s choice, or that of those mythical people “capturing” him? I agree, either way, with Bush. If he’s still alive (which I doubt) and they find him, just shoot him in the place where he will die a most painful death. He deserves nothing less.

“MAKE OR BREAK ISSUE”: Obama says the health care swindle is a “make or break issue” for his administration. For a change, he’s telling the truth. It will “break” his administration whether it passes or not. After November 2010, his majority in Congress will be gone. After 2012, HE will be gone. And America can heave a sigh of relief and begin repairing the damage he has done.

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