Thursday, March 11, 2010

Peelosi's Ignorance

This woman must think we’re FOOLS! She says, “We have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what's in it. What? "Typical Peelosi. So why not just let us SEE what’s in it? Does she think we’re so stupid we’d vote it into law just so we can SEE what we’ve done to our country? Gawd, how STUPID is this woman? It pains me to think we (not me) actually ELECTED this stupid woman to represent us, then actually put her in charge of the House! Damn! I wish more voters would pay attention!

USING FELONS AS WITNESSES: The judge in Denver’s Willie Clark case criticized the prosecution for using so many witnesses who, themselves, were felons and were given shorter sentences for their testimony in the trial over the killing of football player Darrent Williams. But maybe they should ask, who ELSE? Prosecutors don’t get to “pick and choose” their witnesses. Those who have evidence to give don’t always have “squeaky-clean” records themselves. Some might have even taken part in the crime. If we completely reject their testimony, many criminals would go free for lack of witnesses.

OBAMA “BLEEDING US DRY”: He’s doing it with new taxes. He doesn’t CALL them new taxes. He calls them “new investments in our future,” hoping we’ll buy his bullsh-t. The health care swindle alone will be one of the biggest tax increases ever, in spite of his lie that it will be “revenue neutral.” He must take us all for FOOLS!

MAKING MORE UNEMPLOYMENT: Colorado is putting a new tax on soda pop, right when new taxes should NOT be imposed, and WILL cause more unemployment. Not among soda pop drinkers, but among their bottlers and their suppliers, plus a “domino effect” on the market. What stupidity!

HAVE YOUR OWN GUN: The shooting in Washington at the Pentagon, where a gunman opened up on some security guards, who shot him to death, just shows that if there is someone there with his own gun and the will to use it, the death toll from such shooters can be minimized. The “anti-gun Nazis” say we can’t allow everybody to be armed. Why not? Criminals and crazies have no trouble getting guns, so why should WE remain unarmed and helpless?

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: That’s what Obama promised. Then he DOUBLED the national debt and TRIPLED the budget in his first year! This is “fiscal responsibility?” Gimme a break! How stupid does he think we are? Damn!

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