Thursday, April 1, 2010

26-Year-Old Children

Under Obama’s health care swindle (now the law of the land) people are “children” until they’re 26 years old. This is a typical stupidity of liberals. These are the same people, remember, who think it’s okay to murder the result of unprotected sex rather than be “inconvenienced” by having to have, and care for, a child because you couldn’t think to use a rubber. They’re the same people who think they can just SAY something and it will be true. That they can ban insurance companies from excluding “pre-existing conditions” and those insurance companies can remain in business.

16,000 NEW TAX COLLECTORS: This is an example of what Obamacare means to Americans. He’s going to need more than 16,000 new tax collectors to collect all the new taxes he has planned for us, not just for the health care swindle, but for all of his future cons and scams, as well. At least, he told the truth about creating new jobs. Unfortunately, they’re all in the IRS and in other government agencies.

SEX ADDICT: This will soon become a “protected affliction” in America, and thus the world. We will no longer be able to put people in prison for raping people because they will plead (successfully) that they have a “sex addiction.” I wish I could get away with that, but I can’t, because I’m not a liberal (by today’s standards).

“UNEXPECTED” JOB CUTS: Unexpected by whom? Not by anybody with any degree of intelligence. Only by those liberal (Marxist) “experts” who are NEVER right, about anything. Those job cuts are not unexpected to people who pay attention to what’s going on around them.

OBAMA BUNG FODDER: I saw an article recently about some toilet paper with Obama’s face on it. If it actually becomes a marketable product and comes out, I’ll buy a lot of it. I certainly want to do what you do with toilet paper on Obama’s face.

POLITICIANS LIKE TO MEDDLE: They think they’re much smarter than we are, so they spend a lot of time making “rules” for us to follow. They forced automakers to create cars that would do 30 miles per gallon and they did. Now they’re demanding 35 miles per gallon. If they achieve that, they’ll demand 40! They’re even DICTATING the size of the TYPE on the calorie info on menus. I wish they’d just GET OUT OF THE WAY and let us live our own lives.

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