Sunday, March 14, 2010

Having It Both Ways

Democrats are giving Massa a hard time about being gay. One thing they hold against him is that he has lunch with a man on a regular basis. So what? Most of Washington does that. Barney Frank is as gay as they come, and corrupt, as well. But nobody says anything. I don’t know if Massa is gay or not. I don’t care what people do at home. But Democrats want it both ways, and they can’t do that. What a bunch of FOOLS they be!

I FEEL HELPLESS: If someone comes at me with a gun (which could happen any time in today’s world, gun laws notwithstanding), I am completely defenseless if I don’t have my own gun with which to defend myself. Unlike the stereotype the “anti-gun zealots” want to paint, I’m no more likely to go off on a shooting spree at the slightest provocation than is that cop you see with the big gun on his hip.

CODE WORDS: “Social Justice” and “Economic Justice.” These are the words liberals commonly use when ripping us off. They’re now using them to TAKE land that is owned by private owners, when the previous owners die. They do it to “protect” certain species or groups of people (that's their excuse). But their actions do not “protect” anything but their own goals and pocketbooks. Don’t fall for their swindles.

LICENSING YOU: The federal government is putting more and more things that should be our rights under federal licensing laws. The power to license is the power to REFUSE to license, therefore telling you that you cannot do a thing. Various businesses are the current targets of attempts to force people to buy an expensive license in order to be able to go into that business. This cannot be! If a business involves life or death matters, such as becoming a doctor, that’s one thing. That must be controlled because the expertise of the operator can be a life or death requirement. But what about someone who wants to go into the sign business? There’s no NEED for such a license.

NO SALT: New York State wants to BAN the very USE of salt in cooking ANYTHING for public consumption. They say they want to “change the eating habits of New Yorkers.” What the hell gives them the right to decide what’s good or bad for other people than themselves? What the hell gives them the right to change ANYBODY’S eating habits? I make such decisions for myself. I don’t allow some nameless, faceless bureaucrat somewhere to decide whether or not I can eat salt. It’s not their business!

KEEP PUSHING IT, OBAMA! Every time you go out of your way to push your health care swindle your numbers go down. That should tell you something, but it obviously does not. Keep pushing it, Obama! We’ll get rid of you in 2012 yet, even if we run Mickey Mouse against you.

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