Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't Raise Taxes in a Recession!

Obama and his crowd doesn’t seem to be smart enough to realize that raising taxes in a recession is NOT the way to make things better. Instead, LOWER the “tax base” as three presidents (including one Democrat) did successfully in the past, creating INCENTIVE to invest in moneymaking projects, thus CREATING profits for many people, as well as jobs. But Obama isn’t that smart.

“SEES NO REASON TO REMOVE HIM”: That’s what Nancy Peelosi says about demands for the removal of Congressman Rangel because of all the ethics complaints against him, most of which are obviously true and important. Not like the ones Democrats have filed against Sarah Palin, which are picayune and, even if they were true, not worth anyone’s time. Obviously Peelosi isn’t smart enough to see what everybody (non-liberal) can see.

CREATED EVERYTHING GLOBAL: Except global government. Andy Stern says we “forgot to create global government.” No, we didn’t forget. We’re AGAINST global government! What the hell’s WRONG with you, Andy? He knows about as much about what’s good for us as Obama does, and that’s zilch. Zero; nothing!

“REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH”: Stern also talks about “redistributing wealth,” which is a collectivist (socialist, communist, fascist, progressivist) term meaning STEALING money from people capable of EARNING it and GIVING it to those who DON’T. If anybody tries to “redistribute” MY wealth (what there is of it), they’re going to be in trouble. How obvious do these people have to BE before we realize it’s OUR wealth they want to steal?

REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH AGAIN: I remember a time when a politician in America wouldn’t DARE use that term for fear of being run out of town on a rail, trailing tar and feathers. Not so today. They’ve got most of us (not me) so “sensitized” we don’t even realize they’re talking about TAKING what is OURS and giving it to someone else who didn’t, couldn’t, or WOULDN’T earn it for themselves. Gawd, what idiots we’ve become (most of us)!

TAKING OUR LAND: Now they’re just TAKING land by declaring it a “national monument.” Obama’s forces just recently stole another 10,000 acres of land this way. What’ll they do with it? Probably nothing. But maybe they’ll sell it without giving anything to the original owners. Or maybe they’ll take whatever goodies there are, there. Such as shale oil.

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