Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Place to Run

One nice thing about living in Cuba or other totalitarian states is that you can always run to the United states when it gets to be “too much.” Where do we “run” when it gets to be “too much” here? There is no other country where it is better than it has been for a long time here. All we can do is STOP a dictatorship from rising here.

PHONY NUMBERS: Doctors are now told that any time ANYONE comes in with “flu-like symptoms,” they WILL diagnose it as “Swine Flu.” Whether or NOT he/she is sure. This is just the beginning of the government giving doctors orders.

1,900 PAGES: With one week to read and digest it before voting on it. IF this is the “final bill.” Nancy Pelosi has released the “super-secret” (in a “free and open administration”) 1,900 page health care bill and has scheduled a vote on it next week. This is not how you run a free country. This is how you run a dictatorship. Present bills that are so complicated and long that NO ONE understands them and demand that Congress vote on it within a week. Do they really think we are that stupid?

MADE-UP NUMBERS: The Obama administration has said they have “created or saved” thousands of jobs. How do you count “saved jobs?” that sounds like a “made-up number” from the beginning. You MIGHT be able to count CREATED jobs if your definitions are VERY loose. One small contractor claimed to have created 1.7 MILLION jobs, by himself! I don’t believe ANY figures Obama (or his administration) come up with. He has proven himself a congenital liar.

TAX INCREASES IN A RECESSION: This is insanity! Yet that’s what the Democrats, under Obama, are working feverishly to do. How stupid ARE they? Unless they WANT to destroy our economy (which I think they do), it’s not something you want to do. But they’re doing it. They have even promised to let Bush’s tax rate cut “expire,” which will create one of the biggest tax increases EVER. Remember, the tax cuts that created a “booming economy?”

CUTTING DOWN TREES: Environmentalists are very hard on people who use a lot of paper because we have to cut down more trees to provide it. So why are they not screaming to high heavens about Pelosi’s 1,900 page bill that was just released to Congress? I look at that stack of paper (a FOOT high) representing ONE copy of a bill that is sent to ALL congresspeople and ALL Senators, and everybody else that wants one. That’s THOUSANDS of copies! Just THINK of how many trees they’ll have to cut down to make that amount of paper!

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