Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obama Wants TOTAL Control

Every unconstitutional thing he is doing is in aid of his taking COMPLETE control over what we do. He wants to make ALL our decisions FOR us, through his bureaucracy, by making all the rules we will be FORCED to follow. He’s already taken over the auto-making AND selling business and the banking and lending business, and now he’s after the health care business.

“SUCCEEDED BEYOND HIS WILDEST DREAMS”: That’s what Vice-President Joe Biden says about the “stimulus program” where the government has spent TRILLIONS, hoping to improve the economy. But it has NOT been “successful” by OUR definition. By HIS definition, however, it has. Under his definition, he and Obama CONTROL absolutely, several industries (which was their objective). But jobless numbers are still approaching 9.8%. The stock market is still afraid, and those now working are very nervous about their jobs. We’ve LOST nearly 3 MILLION jobs since they STARTED the “stimulus plans.” So where is “success” by OUR definition?

LIBERALS ARE INCENSED: We’re using the same tactics against THEM that they have always used against US.

CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO: It’s a “thorn in Obama’s side.” He talks about “talk radio” in general, but we know he means CONSERVATIVE talk radio. LIBERAL talk radio, like the liberal mass media, is “in his pocket. He just wants to “shut up” people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others who are hurting his “programs” by telling the truth about them. Then he can lie to you in peace (he thinks). He forgets the “blogosphere,” his next “target.” But the blogosphere is just too big and too widespread for him to get rid of. Oh, he’ll try. Bet on it. He’ll probably try and force the Internet suppliers to “regulate” us. It won’t work. There are always other suppliers that pop up quicker than he can close them down.

PROPPING UP REPUBLICANS: It’s people like me that “prop up” the Republican Party by telling the truth about what liberals (Democrats) are doing. Too many Republicans want Democrats to like them and are acting like Democrats to attain it. Without us, they would cease to exist.

BIGGEST PROBLEM, ISRAEL: The UN thinks the “biggest problem” in the Middle East is Israel. But the only people they’re a “problem” for is the Islamic terrorists (the Palestinian variety who daily kill Jews with suicide bombings, some of which use CHILDREN to carry the bombs into crowded places). They are simply trying to stay alive in an area where many people want to “push them off the face of the Earth.” If that’s “a problem,” I’M a “problem,” too.

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