Saturday, October 24, 2009

Contemptuous Indifference

That describes Obama's response to ANY opposition to his plans. He calls ANY opposition “racism” and “misinformation.” But he provides NO proof it is either. He cannot. There is none. He does what he wishes, regardless of the constitutionality of his actions. He does it by force. If anybody opposes his men who come to steal their property, they shoot and kill them with no more concern than they’d use swatting a fly. These are actions of a DICTATOR. He is not yet a dictator, but he thinks he is. He thinks he can do ANYTHING he wishes, to ANYBODY, with NO consequences. We need to disabuse him of this notion.

AIN’T HE SWEET? Obama wants to send us “old folks” a $250 gift instead of the cost of living increase that has been promised, and which is in the law. He thinks that will make up for the thousands of dollars we will NOT be getting to offset the “money drain” (inflation) HE is causing by spending our money by the TRILLIONS. Money we don’t have, so he is merrily printing money out of thin air, making ALL money in existence worth less.

ONE MORE REASON: I’ve never had a credit card. I’ve always felt they got you in more credit trouble than they were worth. Now they can get you in trouble even (especially) if you keep your balance low and always pay right on time. CitiBank and other financial institutions are now arbitrarily closing many accounts, without warning. They close the accounts, THEN send the customer a letter, which usually gets there AFTER they’ve been embarrassed while trying to use the card, and lying about the reason for closing the account. If that ever happened to me, that bank would never see another penny of my money (such as it is).

RAISING TAXES IN A RECESSION: That’s INSANITY! Taking more money away from people when they’re fighting, just to stay afloat financially, is STUPID. But don’t expect Democrats (who are in charge) to be intelligent enough to know that. They’ll call this “misinformation” and me a “racist” for writing it.

“SLEIGHT-OF-HAND”: Obama’s fight with Fox News is simply “sleight-of-hand” to take our attention off how he is ruining our economy, moving us ever closer to collectivism (socialism, fascism), while stealing more and more money to make us pay for it.

TAXING BUSINESS: Obama constantly talks about “taxing business” to steal some of their profits to pay for his grandiose schemes (He does not use those words. Like most con-men, he puts it in words that make it sound like he’s doing us a favor so we won’t feel his hand in our pockets while he steals our wallets. The truth is, EVERY tax he puts on business will be “passed on” to us through higher prices charged for their products or services.). We end up paying that tax.

“FLU DEATHS”: like in most cases where they want to “demonize” something, they “attribute” deaths to it which are NOT due to whatever they’re demonizing at the moment. They used that same modus operandi to demonize smoking and they’re using it to promote their “flu scam.”

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