Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

That’s unconstitutional. But when they “confiscate” a car co-owned by a man and his ex-wife because he was caught getting oral sex in the back seat IS “cruel and unusual punishment.” That might represent a $5,000 fine for a small thing (no pun intended). Under the RICO laws, they can take your property for almost ANYTHING without even having to take the trouble to PROVE you’re a lawbreaker.

COPS AS CRIMINALS: The RICO laws allow cops to stop you on the street and STEAL (“confiscate”) any cash you might have on your person by simply SAYING ”it is ‘probably’ drug money. You CAN get it back after you post a bond (at your expense if you have any money left) promising to pay THEIR expenses, win or lose. They don’t even have to PROVE it is. And they now have a device they can use to “scan” your pockets (using that microscopic “line” that broadcasts its existence and denomination in every new bill) to see if you have enough to make it worth while to mug you. In many areas, the cops get a “cut” of the loot.

START WITH NON-VIOLENT DRUG USERS: They’re releasing many prisoners early. Even VIOLENT criminals, to “save space” because they’ve got more prisoners than they can afford to keep jailed. This is wrong. Release a violent criminal and it’s only a matter of time before you have to arrest him again, and maybe somebody is dead (research Willy Horton). The prisons are FULL of non-violent drug users who have committed no crime except to hurt themselves by using drugs. Let them go and suddenly you have loads of room in our prisons and you save billions of dollars.

SURPRISED? New York is surprised that people are leaving New York in droves to escape paying their record high taxes. They say “the rich” are doing it, but it is EVERYBODY who can afford it. Mostly those who CREATE the wealth New York wants to steal. Yes, “the rich” are abandoning New York in droves. But so are other people who don’t want to support losers with money they have EARNED.

WHY LISTEN TO BARNEY FRANK? Every time he says anything he slobbers all over the microphone,and does not make sense. How does this half-wit jerk get re-elected? He and Chris Dodd CREATED the economic downturn by FORCING lenders to loan money to people who were NOT “creditworthy” and would never repay it (a recipe for disaster). But he’s STILL blaming Bush for it. Yes, he’s gay. But that’s as irrelevant as he would be if people quit listening to his drivel. If you can PROVE me wrong on this, I’d appreciate it.

GOVT. OPTION ISN’T FREE: That’s how they’re trying to sell it to you, but that’s a typical liberal lie. It will cost the taxpayers (YOU) trillions of dollars. But the Obama crowd doesn’t care. It’s not THEIR money. They gaily spend YOUR money with abandon. But notice they never spend THEIR money.

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