Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Call It A "Stimulus"

They’re about to introduce yet another “stimulus bill,” but they don’t want anybody to CALL it a “stimulus.” Previous stimulus bills didn’t work, and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I’ll call it what it IS, not what the government dictates.

MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: The International Olympic Committee (IOC), in their haste to “bitch-slap” Obama, approved the city that has more murders in a year than the ENTIRE United States to hold their games. Go there for the Olympics at your peril.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Isn’t it odd that Muslims cry the loudest about “religious freedom” while building “super mosques” all over the Western world and banning Christian churches (and other places of non-Muslim worship) anywhere Muslims rule.

AMAZED AND REPULSED: Obama is giving away money in Detroit (and I’m sure in other places), and those lining up around the block to get it have no idea where Obama is getting it, and don’t care. They just want “their share.” They’ll stand in line for hours to avoid working for a living. This amazes me and repulses me. Actually, it doesn’t “amaze” me. I’ve been predicting this since before Obama was elected.

WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION? Where in the Constitution does it give Obama the authority to give away millions of dollars’ worth of YOUR money? It’s bad enough he gives it away in monthly checks to those who will not work, and stand on street corners selling dope. But now he is asking people to just come in and fill out a form and he’ll give them money. Everything he has done as president is unconstitutional, but that has never stopped him, nor any other politician before him because nobody “calls them” on it. Or the Supreme Court allows it.

WILL NO ONE “REIN HIM IN?” Obama goes about daily spending YOUR money on everything he can that will buy him votes for himself and other Democrats in the next election (he thinks). Everything he does is illegal. Why does nobody call him on it? I guess because he makes it easier for them to steal your money, too.

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