Thursday, October 22, 2009

Medicare Fraud is Easy

It’s so easy the Mafia is doing it. It’s easier than dealing drugs, and it makes them more money, getting caught is almost nonexistent, and punishment if caught is less. Those “watching for it” are incompetent. So it’s a “preferred crime” for “organized crime.”

INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: It amazes me the things our politicians and bureaucrats expect us to believe. Yet they do. Their “pronouncements” are made arrogantly and we’re expected to believe them, even though anybody with a modicum of intelligence would know better. But people believe them because they “don’t pay attention to politics” until just before an election. Thus, they’re ignorant of the issues, the people, and how they STAND on the issues.

IRAN PULLING OUR LEG (AGAIN): They’ve been doing it for a long time. Long enough to have come close to building a nuclear bomb before we can do anything about it. Israel is “quaking in its boots” and will, if we don’t do something, “take out” Iran’s nuclear plants (again). They’re just waiting to see what we’ll do. If they (Iran) get a nuke, it won’t be long before the Islamic terrorists have it.

THIRD PARTY? Many people talk about a “third party” as being the answer to all our problems, but that’s wrong. All a third party does is DILUTE our influence as conservatives. Every vote for a third party winds up as a vote for the Democrats. The way to do it is to “infiltrate” the Republican Party, take it over, and get the support of a majority of the people, mostly by getting them to “pay attention to politics” so they will SEE what the Democrats are doing to them.

WHY DON’T PEOPLE LISTEN? Obama says he doesn’t want to win the war in Afghanistan (and presumably Iraq) and only a few of us (who are paying attention) say anything. He announces his determination to BANKRUPT the coal industry, one that is absolutely essential to our well-being. And nothing happens. He TELLS us he is going to destroy America but we do nothing. We ignore it. How long are we going to ignore what he is telling us? Until it is too late? Somebody ANSWER me!

WHY DO I BOTHER? I rail and rail about the damage Obama is doing to this country, and nobody listens. A woman I THOUGHT was my friend the other day told me, “I LIKE Obama and I don’t want to hear anything against him.” What IGNORANCE that shows! He’s destroying this country in many ways and she doesn’t want to hear anything against him! Should I just shut down my blogs, take my books off the market, and retire to my basement “hidey hole” and drink coffee until I die? Not a chance! I’ll keep telling the truth until my time comes, and hope I may have influenced somebody else to follow in my footsteps. It’s what keeps me alive. And I hope it keeps me alive for a long time while I continue to try and be a thorn in Obama’s side.

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