Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"No Pre-Existing Conditions"

If Obama’s basic goal was the destruction of the health insurance industry, he couldn’t do more to accomplish it than to FORCE insurance companies to insure people WITH pre-existing conditions. He SAYS you “can keep your insurance” and your doctor if you want to. But that presupposes private insurance will still be around after a few years of “Obamacare.” His insurance does not have to make a profit. Private insurance does. That, alone, will run them out of business. Then force them to insure people with pre-existing conditions,” and see what happens if any are left.

“WINDFALL PROFITS TAX”: Obama is talking about a “windfall profits tax” on the health insurance industry after forcing them to accept people with “pre-existing conditions bankrupts them. I don’t know where they’re going to FIND “windfall profits” after they bankrupt the industry. Of course, they want one on the oil industry, too, while doing everything they can to bankrupt THEM. Obama has also promised to “bankrupt the coal industry, yet another essential industry. This man is a FOOL! He’s “killing the golden goose” every day.

NOBODY CARES: ABC Poll shows “man-made global warming” is important to NOBODY except maybe AlGore and his dupes. Of course, his dupes have made him a billionaire and a Nobel Laureate. Meanwhile, his accomplices just shut off the microphone and hustle out of the hall anybody who has the temerity to ask him a REAL question.

AMERICAN FLAG “OFFENSIVE?” An apartment manager is banning American flags ANYWHERE within the complex because it “would “offend” some people. His city says they can’t do anything because this is private property. Banning the American flag offends ME. And I’m sure he doesn’t care about that. This is OUR country, and it’s OUR flag. You can bet they won’t ban THEIR flags in other countries (particularly those under Sharia Law) because it might “offend” us.

NOT BIPARTISAN: Senator Olympia Snowe voting for Obama’s “health care swindle” is NOT “bipartisan vote.” Snowe is a Democrat wearing Republican clothing. She has voted with the Democrats on many things that are an anathema to all thinking Americans. She should do what Arlen Specter did and move over to the Democrat Party. That would be the HONEST thing to do. But I don’t ever expect her to do the HONEST thing.

OBAMA HATES FOX NEWS: Obama pretends Fox News doesn’t exist because they won’t “knuckle under” to him like all the others do. The question has been asked: “Can Obama and Fox News ever find “common ground?” The answer is NO. Fox tells the truth, and Obama can’t have that. He wants ALL news outlets to tout his policies. They don’t, so he wants them GONE.

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