Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rush A "Has-Been Loser"

That’s how the Democrats view Rush Limbaugh, whose radio show keeps gaining listeners every day while the liberal media “bleeds viewers” at the same time. Funny how he makes more millions of dollars every year while the liberal media is constantly “bleeding listeners.” Funny how one ad on that show can make international sales leaders of small companies (think: “Snapple”). Funny how Democrats find it necessary to daily do everything they can to discredit him (without success). Funny how not a single Democrat will ever go ON his radio show because they KNOW they will not be able to answer his REAL questions (not the “softballs they get on liberal media shows). And they have the temerity to say he is a “has-been loser?” What FOOLS these Democrats be! And they think they have what it takes to run our lives! Sheesh! I think THEY are the “has-been losers."

CHICAGO GUN BAN UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Like most of today’s laws (made mostly by liberals), this law is patently unconstitutional. But since the liberals are well ensconced in all aspects of our society (including the courts), nothing is either being done, or WILL be done about it. The big flaw in the Constitution is that somebody has to file an action (which is very expensive) before we can stop any government from enforcing unconstitutional laws.

GOOD WORK OR NOT: Government workers get rewarded. VA workers got rewarded recently for their “good work, even though they recently allowed millions of vet’s credit card numbers to be made public.

PALIN’S BOOK ALREADY ON TOP: Her new book is already at the top of the Amazon, and several other book sales lists, and it hasn’t even been printed yet. Book industry spokespeople say they’ve never SEEN a book get that much interest even before it is printed. Ted Kennedy’s book sold a very small amount when it came out, and other liberal writers books likewise. This INCENSES them that ANY conservative writer can sell more books even before the book is printed than they can, period. They asked Limbaugh how he’d like it if hers sold more than his, and he said he’d be delighted. Then he went on to tell people how to get it. Talk about calling their bluff!

CARTER DENIES SAYING OBJECTORS ARE RACISTS: He now says he meant “the fringe” who make “vituperative attacks” on Obama are racists. But he said what he said. I heard him say it. Now he’s trying to change it. He’s lying. It’s no wonder they call him “the national hemorrhoid.”

DAN RATHER’S SUIT AGAINST ABC “THROWN OUT”: So he’s appealing. He’s still sticking to his story that the story about Bush “evading the draft” was true. He just couldn’t prove it. Why then, did he even RUN the story? And why did he falsify the paperwork?

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