Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Promise It, But Stall

That’s Obama’s “modus operandi.” He promised to close Gitmo, but isn’t any closer to that now than when he promised it (not that this was unexpected, of course). Now he’s promising to get rid of the ban on gays serving in the military. I’m not holding my breath until it happens (not that this is something I’m promoting). My point is, that Obama is prone to promise many things, but never delivers. What he DOES deliver is anything that moves us closer to collectivism (socialism, fascism).

OBAMA STALLING: His top general in Afghanistan personally PLEADED with him on Air Force One coming back from his “farce in Copenhagen” for more troops. Troops he NEEDED desperately to win the war in Afghanistan. But Obama is stalling on sending them because winning “is not a goal” to him. He doesn’t care how many Americans (and Afghans) are killed in the process.

GETTING RID OF TALK RADIO: The liberals (Democrats) want to get rid of talk radio (CONSERVATIVE talk radio) because it is EFFECTIVE. There can be no other reason than that conservative talk radio is ruining many of Obama’s plans by telling the truth about his plans and cons.

I WON'T READ THE BILL: One Democrat Senator actually TOLD us publicly that he would not read Obama’s “health care bill” because it was too “confusing.” He actually scoffed at the whole idea that he should. Seems to me, that’s what he was voted into office to DO. If he votes for it without reading it he is in dereliction of duty” and should be removed from office.

SANK LIKE A STONE: Chicago Mayor Daly sent Obama to Copenhagen to “walk on water” but he “sank like a stone.” Giving the Olympics to the city with a murder rate higher than that of the entire United states was simply a “slap in the face” to America.

NO ACORN: The reason why Obama couldn’t influence the voting in Copenhagen on where to hold the Olympics is that he could not involve ACORN in the voting process. Therefore, the vote did not go his way (he couldn't rig it) and he was humiliated.

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