Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bill's Imaginary "Right-Wing Conspiracy"

"The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is Back -- and This Time It's Racist, Too. Bill Clinton invokes the conspiracy that forced Lewinsky upon him." (Rush Limbaugh) “Forced? Seems to me, the only thing that was “forced” on him was a reckoning that led to his impeachment for lying to Congress, even though he was able to manage a negative vote on removal from office. Nobody had to “force” him to have oral sex with her in the White House.

WHO SAID IT FIRST? Obama and his henchmen are accusing Rush and other “right-wingers” of comparing him to Hitler. But it seems to me, the “Hitler comparisons” started (most recently) with Democrats showing pictures of George Bush with a “Hitler-style” mustache. Who do they think they’re kidding?

SAY ANYTHING, DELIVER NOTHING: That’s the Democrats (some Republicans, too). They’ll tell you anything to get their legislation passed, but when it comes time to deliver, they, for some reason, can’t remember their promise. Obama is telling us his “health care swindle” won’t cost us a penny. How stupid does he think we are?

DOUBLE-DIGIT UNEMPLOYMENT: That’s what’s coming soon. It’s already here in some parts of the country (notably Michigan, where the victims of Obama’s destruction of the auto industry live). Meanwhile the “Fed Head” says the recession will soon be over. What is his definition of “soon?”

“IT’S GETTING BETTER”: We “only” lost 200,000 jobs last month. That’s what Obama’s goons are saying about the economy. Apparently, they still think Americans are abysmally stupid.

MORE ANTI-SMOKING LIES: The “anti-smoking fanatics” just don’t know what truth is. Now they’re saying smoking makes you forgetful. Again, something they can’t prove, but which they spout, anyway. Like most of their lies.

WHY CAN’T THEY JUST LEAVE US ALONE? Politicians just want to “mess with us.” Why can’t they just do their jobs, spending our money, without doing things that make us mad? Obama wants to eliminate the “summer vacation” for school children (which will cost more than $27 million dollars, which is “pocket change” to him). They tax us if we eat fattening foods, and force us to use mal-designed lap and chest safety belts that will snap our necks if we ever hit anything. They want to force many things on us that should be none of their business and tax us every time we fart. Politicians, I’d rather do it myself!

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