Friday, October 30, 2009

Cash for Clunkers

It was a “big success,” according to liberals. But in actuality, it was a colossal failure, since they didn’t foresee that if they offered “free money” people would line up around several blocks to get it. so they cut it off early and, while auto sales “went through the roof” while it was on, as soon as it stopped, they “nose-dived,” and have not recovered since. And won’t for a while, since people who were going to buy cars anyway, took advantage, and thus won’t buy now.

OVERSTATED BY 5,000: The government “overstated” the number of jobs “created or saved” by 5,000. Associated Press says, “There is no evidence they did it on purpose to make their numbers seem better.” No? Here’s one example: in one case, one company used the stimulus money they got, not to hire new people, but to give raises to current employees. In another case they hired a bunch of people to field calls about the government-provided digital TV converters. Do you BELIEVE this crap?

IMPUGNING YOUR MOTIVES: The IRS can disallow ANY deduction by simply saying they don’t believe your motives are pure. And you don’t get to argue about it. How can they do this? We’re under a DICTATORSHIP now. It happened the same way here as it did in Germany under Hitler.

FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION: Obama says, “We are fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” From what, TO what? America has surpassed societies thousands of years old in less than 300 years with individualism and capitalism! We don’t NEED to be “transformed!” What he’s doing is making us into a socialist nation. And if you don’t know what socialism is, you’d better find out, and quickly.

DESTROYING THE INSURANCE BUSINESS: Obama SAYS he’s simply trying to create a “level playing field” in the insurance business by creating a “public option” that pits the government against them. The government does NOT need to make a profit. Insurance companies DO. That alone destroys any idea of a “level playing field.” It will run them all out of business. There are already THOUSANDS of insurance companies. Why do we need one more that does not need to make a profit?

DIGGING UP DIRT: It is said that Nixon tried his best to “dig up dirt” on John Kennedy. Knowing Kennedy, it’s amazing to me he did not succeed! enough people have since he died.

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