Thursday, October 15, 2009


There were times when I was not too thrilled with things Bush did, and that’s okay. You can’t agree with EVERYTHING somebody does. But Obama does something EVERY DAY that infuriates me. Like forcing me to pay for abortions in the health care swindle NOBODY wants, but which he intends to FORCE us to accept. Some liberals say he shouldn’t even bother to have a vote, just “push us in that direction.” He HAS enough votes, even without that turncoat, Olympia Snowe’s vote. Obama is pushing us to the breaking point. I predict a new “American Revolution” soon, if he keeps it up.

WHAT DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND? What is so hard to understand about the goals of Iran’s Ahmadinijerk? He wants to create nukes that he controls, so first, he can “nuke” Israel, and second, sell to Islamic terrorists so they can use them on us. No amount of “diplomacy” is going to deter him from these goals; they are BASIC to him. Being insane, he just doesn’t understand that the first nuke unleashed, ANYWHERE, will mean his death and the deaths of millions of Iranians. We’d like to save their lives, but Obama doesn’t care.

ON THE BACKS OF THE AGED: Obama is balancing the budget “on the backs of the aged.” We PAID to receive Social Security at the point of a gun, all our lives (if you don’t believe that bit about guns, just try and not pay into it and see how quick the guns come out), and one of the promises the government made was to give a “cost of living” increase” every year to keep the amount received enough to live on when government-caused inflation made our money worth less. Obama is breaking that promise, as he has many other “solemn promises” made by government. Does anybody care?

JAPANESE HEALTH CARE: It’s said it’s the best in the world. It covers EVERYBODY. But there are still long waits, limited Emergency Room hours, and a shortage of certain specialists. This is something there will ALWAYS be with a government-run health care system run by uncaring bureaucrats.

ECONOMIC RECOVERY: "If this president would simply get out of everyone's way and turn the people who make this country work loose, we'd have a vibrant recovery faster than you can snap your fingers." (Rush Limbaugh)

RECORD COLD TEMPS: There are “record cold temperatures” all over the world, countering the rhetoric of AlGore, the ”Pope” of the Global Warming” religion. Of course, Gore could not be reached for comment. The news anchor who tried to get one got his mike turned off.

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