Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Let's Create A Crisis"

That’s what Obama is doing with the “Swine Flu” crisis. Guaranteed: the first few minutes of any newscast is devoted to “whipping up” panic about the “Swine Flu pandemic that does not exist. Doctors are told that if ANYBODY comes in with ANY kind of symptoms that MIGHT resemble ANY kind of flu, they are to attribute it to “Swine Flu.” Nothing like lying about it to make the numbers look better.

MAKING IT TRUE: Obama and his cronies have long said the war in Afghanistan “cannot be won.” And they are now in the process of “making it true” by having Obama play golf instead of making a simple decision about sending more troops at the request of the generals in the field. Soldiers are dying while he vacillates, but that doesn’t matter to him.

“LEVEL PLAYING FIELD”: That’s what Obama always says about his health care swindle. But it’s NOT a “level playing field” he is creating when he pits the GOVERNMENT (which does NOT have to make a profit) against private insurance companies, which DO. The goal is to run them out of business, which this will do, if it is passed.

INTERSTATE INSURANCE: Currently, it is illegal to buy insurance from a company in another state than the one in which you live. This stifles the insurance industry and its profits. They won’t even ENTERTAIN the idea of a change in this system.

A SIMPLE SOLUTION: The way to stop our dependence on foreign oil is to allow drilling for oil in our own country, or in areas WE control. But they won’t do that. They won’t even talk about it. Can anybody see how they are RUINING us?

WHY DO THEY DO IT? Why do people keep on building and rebuilding IN THE SAME PLACE after maybe the FIFTH time they have been hit with hurricanes, fires, floods, or earthquakes? Are they stupid, or what?

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