Sunday, October 11, 2009

Global Warming is Gone

It’s kinda hard to sell a “global warming swindle” today, since the globe hasn’t been “warming” since 1998, so AlGore, the “Pope” of the global warming swindle has changed its name to “climate change” because that pesky climate hasn’t been cooperating. Of course, you can still buy (from him) the “right” to continue to pollute.

CARBON DIOXIDE NO POLLUTANT: “Pope” AlGore and his acolytes must really think we’re stupid (and many of us are). He thinks we will BELIEVE that a substance that is NECESSARY to our survival (plants take it in and breathe out oxygen, which we must have to survive) is a pollutant. Don’t confuse carbon dioxide with carbon MONoxide, which IS a pollutant.

EVEN OBAMA BUYS IT: Obama, who is a significant con man, himself, has “bought” Gore’s swindle and is pushing "green laws." This only proves his ignorance—or his willingness to “go along” with it if it brings more money into his control.

OBAMA GETS “PEACE PRIZE”: He got it for “saying” he wants a “nuclear-free world (forget that every president in the nuclear age has said the same thing).” I spit coffee all over my keyboard when I first saw this, but I shouldn’t be surprised. They were stupid enough to give one to Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian terrorists, one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the Middle East, weren’t they?

“SOMEBODY ELSE’S WAR?” That’s what many people say about Afghanistan and Iraq, amply showing their ignorance. Keeping the terrorists busy elsewhere is very important so they don’t have the time or resources to attack us again in America. Many say that’s an “old argument, but they’ve never been able to answer it. Meanwhile the terrorists keep on trying while Obama tries to minimize their effect.

ARPAIO ATTACKED BY FEDS: Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is working hard to do the work the feds SHOULD be doing, is being “muzzled” (they think) by the feds. They think they are stopping him from arresting and imprisoning illegals, but he promises to INCREASE his efforts. He’s the elected sheriff in his area and is enforcing STATE laws, not federal laws.

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