Sunday, October 18, 2009

"I Set the Rules!"

Baron Hill (D-IN) told a young journalism student, “I set the rules. . . .and, you are not going to tell me how to run my congressional office.” Oh? People like that student voted you INTO office, and can just as easily vote you OUT. You’d BETTER start listening to what they say.

“TEA PARTIES” JUST A PREVIEW: What Democrats don’t want to realize—don’t want to KNOW, is that the “Tea Parties” are inspiring millions of Americans who have yet to “speak up” to do so. They’d BETTER start listening if they want to stay in office.

GIVING COVER: Olympia Snowe gave the Democrats much-wanted “cover” by voting for that abominable Baucus “health care swindle” bait and switch bill. They didn’t need her vote, but it weakened an already weak Republican (formerly) united stand against Obama’s swindle. We need to get her out of there. Let her run next time as a Democrat. The party she REALLY ought to be in.

NOBEL MEANS NOTHING: Since they gave it to Yasser Arafat, one of the world’s best-known bloody terrorists, I have had no respect for it. Then they gave it to AlGore, author of the global warming swindle, the biggest swindle ever (outside of the one Obama is running). Gads, these people are STUPID!

OBAMA INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: Everything he does is both unconstitutional and stupid. But what he says is insulting to everybody. He insults our intelligence with his every word. He’s taking away our rights and property very quickly. He thinks we don’t notice. He is so arrogant he thinks nobody will notice his lies because we’re too stupid. Hopefully, Americans will “wake up” soon.

THEY WANT TO KILL US: That’s the ONLY thing they want, and will not “settle” for anything less. So why do our incompetent politicians still think we can “reason” with them? Why do they suggest letting the Taliban have a “voice in government?" This is the heights of folly. To do so would give these murderers an unheard of victory. There would be “dancing in the streets” by Islamic terrorists and soon they would be in our cities gaily murdering innocent people HERE, instead of in Afghanistan. Some say the war in Afghanistan is “somebody else’s war,” revealing an appalling stupidity about what’s going on in the world.

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