Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Snow in Moscow

There’s usually a thick blanket of snow in Moscow from November to March. But the mayor of Moscow wants to drop a chemical on snow clouds before they reach the city and force them to drop their loads of snow outside Moscow. Shades of AlGore pronouncements on global warming! I’ll be watching to see if it works.

SUBSIDIZING THE “FRIENDLY SKIES”: All over the country, airplanes with room for at least 19 are taking off with one or two passengers and YOU are “footing the bill” because the feds are subsidizing these “short flights” from or to out-of-the-way places. Many are a short drive from a major airport, but they spend YOUR money, anyway. Is it any wonder we were ALREADY bankrupt when Obama started “spreading your money around?”

LIBERAL THINKING: They blame the American consumer for the “drug problem,” then turn around and blame “fast-food” companies for the “overweight problem.” I guess they think they can have it both ways.

“SOUP LINES”: If you believe the liberals, America is “rife” with “soup lines.” But if you look at the people IN the phony “soup lines” they show on TV, more than half of them are overweight. Some of them grossly so. How do you sell a “hungry American problem” when most people on welfare are grossly overweight?

OBAMA SAYS, “WE’RE GOING TO DO THIS:” Even though a majority of Americans want nothing to do with it. He’s speaking about his health care swindle. He’s going to FORCE it on us whether we want it or not.

THREE-CARD MONTE: The “health care swindle” is simply a game of “three-card Monte.” They SAY it will be “deficit neutral,” but it won’t. They’re even going to start charging for it six years BEFORE they spend a nickel on it so they can SAY it cost a lot less than it will in the NEXT ten years, when ALL the costs kick in.

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