Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Vitriolic

People have accused me of becoming “more vitriolic” lately, and they’re right. I have, because I’ve been telling them the truth about what their own government has been doing to them for years and they’ve been ignoring me. That’s frustrating. Maybe “more vitriol” will make them notice what I’m saying and DO something about what they’re doing to them. Maybe. Probably not, in this world where nobody “pays attention to politics.”

TALIBAN ALMOST NONEXISTENT: The Obama administration is saying that the Taliban is beaten in Afghanistan. How there is not more than 100 of them left in the whole country and those not organized enough to give us a problem. At the same time we’re hearing about the huge attack on one of our bases there where 17 Americans were killed, with not a peep about the number of terrorists that were killed at the same time.

OBAMA’S NUMBERS RISING: Word is, Obama’s approval numbers are “rising.” How? Unemployment is still nearing 10%. People are ”lining up” in Detroit (and elsewhere) for the “free money” Obama is giving away to “the homeless” (bums). The stock market is still way below anything like a “recovery.” But Obama’s numbers are rising? I don’t believe it. I think he has “cooked the figures” yet again, the way he usually does when he wants to see better headlines in his “state-controlled media.”

WHEN DID MEDICINE GET HIJACKED BY POLITICS? Health Care Kingpin Kathleen Sebelius (who taught us how to sneeze) is worried about Rush Limbaugh because he will not take a flu shot, and she asked this question. Does she not know that OBAMA has “hijacked medicine” with his “health care swindle?” This woman needs to go back home and coddle her grandchildren instead of trying to coddle Americans. She’s not intelligent enough to be a high officeholder.

WE’RE INCAPABLE: We don’t know what’s good for us. We NEED the government to tell us how to live our lives. The liberals in Washington (and elsewhere) think they’re smarter than the rest of us. The government can’t even efficiently run the Post Office, but they think they can efficiently run our lives for us. What ARROGANCE!

ARROGANCE COUPLED WITH IGNORANCE: That’s one of the most dangerous combinations there is, but it’s running Washington. People who think they know what’s best for us, but can’t even run what they DO have. Yet these people, who think we’re stupid, pretend to tell us what they do to us is “for our own good.” By whose definition?

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