Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bailing Us Out

Obama and his gang are giving away a LOT of OUR money, hoping to “stimulate” the economy. Why not just lower taxes by that much instead of collecting the money from those who earn it and giving it to those who don’t? The answer is: if they can GIVE that money (and control to whom it is “given,” they get more POWER). They won’t even entertain the IDEA of just lowering taxes, even though it has created “boom conditions” every time it has been tried, even by a DEMOCRAT president (John Kennedy)

GO BY WHAT HE DOES: Not what he says. Obama will lie at the “drop of a hat,” and he will even drop the hat. So you can’t go by what he SAYS. You have to wait and see what he DOES. He has made more promises than there is money in the WORLD to keep.

TRADING ONE RAPIST FOR ANOTHER: The Obama camp says the health care swindle offered by Obama will cost NOTHING (There has never been, and will never BE a “government program” that costs us NOTHING!) and stop the insurance companies from “raping us.” So should we then allow the GOVERNMENT to “rape us?” should we trade one bunch of rapists for another??

DEFLECTING CRITICISM WITHOUT DEBATE: Just call them names. Then they’ll be too busy trying to defend themselves and you won’t have to answer their questions or charges.

DEMOCRAT PROMISES: “Bait & Switch” swindles. They promise you everything, but never deliver. Meanwhile, they get your vote

“DEFUNDING ACORN”: Another liberal swindle. They “defunded” ACORN for ONE MONTH so they could say they did it. Democrats aren’t REALLY going to defund ACORN. They’re responsible for getting them elected by stealing the vote for them.

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