Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Thought Criminals"

What are those? They’re people some bureaucrat has DECLARED to be committing “hate crimes.” Did gay man Matthew Shepard (murdered by gay-haters) care if his killers got the chair once, or twice because his murder was a “hate crime?” Punishment is already there for such people. We don’t need a way for a bureaucrat to punish people MORE for what they’re THINKING.

CRIMINALS TO JAIL: Swindlers go to jail. Bernie Madeoff did for only bilking people out of billions. But other swindlers, who have bilked people out of TRILLIONS of dollars, such as Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Barack Obama, have not. Why? Because they did it while holding elective office in Washington, DC. That makes then somewhat “untouchable.” Mostly because THEY control the means of prosecution.

“WE VOTE”: I see bumper stickers every once in a while that say, “I’m . . . . . and I vote.” Fill in the blank with any group of people you want. Truth is, some voters scare the hell out of me because they “pay no attention to politics” and thus, have NO knowledge of what or who the candidate is; what he/she stands for. That’s how we got Obama, the furthest left-leaning president since FDR. One that will, if he isn’t stopped, lead us into socialism and make of us, the “new Soviet Union.”

CREATED RECESSION: Liberals (Democrats) CREATED the recession we’re now enduring by forcing lenders to loan to people who would/could not repay it. They did it to “take over the government.” Now they’re there, they’re telling us “the recession is over,” even though unemployment is still rising (nearing 10%) and showing no signs of getting better. Other indicators are also down. They want us to ignore that and just listen to what they say. If you want to know how that got them elected, just ask.

ECONOMIC JUSTICE: That’s a typical liberal “code word” meaning guaranteeing the OUTCOME. This is not what the founders intended. They only intended to guarantee the OPPORTUNITY. What happens after that is up to the individual. This has created a society that has surpassed societies that have been around for THOUSANDS of years in less than 300 years.

DEFUNDING ACORN: After they got caught with” their hands in the cookie jar,” so to speak, Congress voted to defund them—for one month. But they didn’t tell you that. This is a typical political scam.

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