Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Insulting Our Intelligence

Obama and his crowd (and many Republicans) are frankly insulting our intelligence with the things they want us to believe. Obama says he can “take over” and run the health care business and it won’t cost us a dime. How STUPID is that? And that’s only ONE stupid thing He wants us to believe. There are many more. Why do we “buy” his lies? ARE we as stupid as he thinks we are?

OBAMA’S “SAFE SCHOOL CZAR”: Advised a teenage school student on how to do underage gay sex. He advised him to use rubbers, and how to troll for an older “partner.” This is the kind of people Obama appoints to be his all-powerful, unvetted by Congress czars. That’s AFTER his admitted communist czar quit under pressure.

TALKING ABOUT “BEING KIND”: The liberals talk about Justice Thomas’ wife feeding him lots of bacon and eggs so his cholesterol will rise and he will die. And then they pretend to advise us on “being nice” in politics. They say Republicans WANT old people to die, when it is in the DEMOCRAT plan that they will be denying grandma surgery or other treatment required to keep her alive. Obama himself said, “Just give her an aspirin and send her home to die.

WOODY ALLEN “INCENSED”: He wants Roman Polanski (who doped and had sex with a 13-year-old child) released. I guess you could expect that of a man who MARRIED his stepdaughter when she was VERY young. Do these people really think their opinion MEANS anything to real people?

OUTRAGEOUS LIES: That’s how Obama and his cronies “sell” us his “flights of fancy” he calls “programs.” He says he can “take over and run” the health care business without it costing us a dime. How STUPID is that?

HURRY, HURRY! QUICK, QUICK! That’s what Obama wants to do in passing things like “nationalizing” health care so we can’t possibly know what’s in the bill until it becomes law and it’s too late.

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