Thursday, May 31, 2012

Many FOOLS In Washington

One of the most often used descriptive words I seem to use in my blogs is “FOOL.” That’s because there are so many fools in Washington. One of the most recent is DNC chair Debbie (Liar, Liar!) Schultz, who maintains that Bain Capital PURPOSELY forced companies into bankruptcy. She’s a FOOL to believe that. How does Bain make money doing that? As usual, liberals impute the WORST to conservatives, and WITHOUT proof.

SCHULTZ KNOWS NOTHING: Bain Capital and other companies like them are INVITED to buy into failing companies, hoping they can save them; and in more than 80% of cases, they have. Bain saves MOST of them they buy into. But some inevitably fail IN SPITE OF Bain’s best efforts, and that’s the ones Debbie (Liar, Liar!) CONCENTRATES ON, while ignoring their successes.

INCOMPETENT COPS: It took them THIRTY YEARS to solve the murder of 6-year-old Eton Patz and then only after TWO unsolicited CONFESSIONS from the murderer. They didn’t say whether or not little Patz was raped, but what reason would a grown man have for “luring” a child into the basement of a convenience store so he could be murdered?

IGNORANT FOLLOWERS: The fools who called returning Viet Nam veterans “baby killers” were ignorant. Just because liberal politicians botched that war—which had a good reason for being, by the way—that’s not a reason to insult the brave soldiers who obeyed their orders to fight it. How STUPID are these people? Pretty damned stupid.

SAVE THE DOCTOR: We easily sent in a team of Seal 6 soldiers, who successfully found and killed the worst murderer in recent history (at least, that’s their story and they’re stickin’ to it), and Pakistan is pissed. They have imprisoned a doctor who helped find him has been sent to prison for 30 years for TREASON. Now let’s send in ANOTHER team to rescue him from the Pakistani government thugs. Pakistan has made itself into an “enemy nation” subject to such things.

RIGHT BACK INTO THE FIRE: Like France, our main problems stem from our “government giveaways.” And, like France, our current president wants to INCREASE those giveaways. How does more than HALF our households on some kind of welfare improve our financial picture? Does the law FORCING lenders to loan money REGARDLESS of the applicant’s ability to repay make our financial picture look better? It doesn’t; but that’s not our current president’s goal. His goal is to SOCIALIZE this country while blaming the free market for our problems.

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