Thursday, May 24, 2012

Favorite Refutation, "Nuh, uh!"

The favorite way that North Carolina teacher liked to use to “refute” whatever a student said, is “Nuh, uh!” She tried to use that to just shut them up while they were making good points in measured tones while she LIED to them about the world. She told them they could GO TO JAIL for criticizing the president, though she, and many others crapped all over Bush when he was president. Her justification for that is, “he WAS sh-t (in her opinion).” Frankly, I think the same applies to Obama. But to her, my opinion counts for nothing. HER opinion is all-powerful. This woman is either stupid or lying. Which IS it? And she is actually teaching our children this silly crap.

LIBERAL MEDIA FAILS TO REPORT CHURCHES SUING OBAMA: In one of the worst omissions since communist china’s failing to report our moon landing for 20 YEARS because it made them look bad, the liberal media is resisting reporting about this suit because it makes OBAMA look bad. Of course, for my part, he doesn’t need it. Everything he does makes him look bad because he IS bad.

RAPING COMPANIES: A Democrat politician is famously saying Romney is “raping companies” while Obama actually DOES it with every new policy he puts out. It’s another Obama campaign to avoid talking about his record which is atrocious. Romney actually DID create jobs while Obama has not. He CLAIMS to have created 3-1/2 million jobs, but other than government jobs, they are all imaginary. All the “gains” Obama claims to have made are imaginary.

“HATE SPEECH”: That’s apparently ANYTHING liberals don’t want people to say. It becomes either “hate speech” or “racism.” They can’t come up with logical reasoning that it IS “hate speech” or “racism,” but that has never stopped them from calling it that before, and will probably not stop them from doing it again. Unfortunately for them, overuse of these inflammatory descriptions have made them largely useless and worthless.

GIVING MOVIEMAKERS SECRET INFO: Apparently that’s what happened when film makers who wanted to make a film complimentary to Obama asked for it. They were even given specific information that was blacked out in documents given to other organizations on demand. This film about the killing of bin Laden is planned for release just before the 2012 elections. They hope it will guarantee Obama’s re-election.

IRAN “TALKS” USELESS: The whole world knows it, but nobody will admit it. We “talked” with N. Korea for years while they worked tirelessly to make their own nuclear weapon. Now they have one and have told us to “go to hell.” Iran is doing the same. Endless “talks” while they work tirelessly to get their own nuclear weapons. After they succeed, they will, like N. Korea, tell us to “go to hell.” Will you be surprised? I won’t. I LEARN from history as our politicians apparently do not.

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