Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Evolving" vs. "Flip-Flopping"

When Obama does it, they call it “evolving.” When anybody else (especially Republicans) do it, they call it “flip-flopping.” A good example is Obama suddenly coming out FOR gay marriage on the eve of a big fun-raising event to be attended by many people who support gay marriage. His “flip-flop” was worth millions of dollars to his campaign.

CHINESE THINK THINGS WILL GET BETTER: They’d better. If they don’t, and SAY so, bad things seem to happen to them. I guess one way to keep opinion positive is to “kill off” those who don’t agree.

FICTION”: Most book stores keep Obama’s two books in the “non-fiction” section. But they ought to move them to the “fiction” section because both books are “fairy tales.” These two books are the only source for information about Obama’s early life (he has sealed everything else), and NOTHING in them is true.

TRAYVON WAS INJURED: He had many bruises and cuts--on his knuckles--where Zimmerman hit him with his face. What more evidence do they need that this was a justified killing? But still they try to ruin Zimmerman’s life, even though it is ALREADY ruined. It’ll never be the same for him, ever.  Even if he is acquitted in court. NBC is still trying to push the “racism” lie.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZER DEFINED: Obama ADMITS to being a “community organizer” in Chicago. But he doesn’t tell you the definition of a “community organizer.” It is, “Chicago THUG.” If you didn’t “organize” the way he wanted you to, he sent his thugs out to “advise” you to do so. Such “advice” sometimes included necessary hospital stays after the “advice session.” Other “community organizers” are carrying on his “work” after he left.

Obama is telling Europeans they need to “control their spending.” Why should ANYBODY listen to him when he can’t seem to control his OWN spending? They might listen a little better if he did that.

BIASED TEACHER GOES BANANAS: She keeps repeating, "You will NOT disrespect" the president of the United States! Then she goes on to disrespect George Bush by saying, "He IS sh-t" when a student calls her on her "dissing" of a former president. Her favorite way of silencing her students is to say, "Nuh, uh!" and maintains that you can be JAILED for criticizing a sitting president, backing that up by saying (with no proof at all) that people HAD been jailed for "dissing" Bush (which is a LIE). She has been suspended. She should be FIRED for stupidity, and for "teaching stupid."

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