Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fewer People Still Looking

That’s the only reason unemployment numbers are going down. Fewer people are LOOKING today. They’ve just given up. And BECAUSE they’ve given up and stopped looking, Obama’s administration has stopped counting them, making the NUMBER of people STILL LOOKING a smaller number OF THE WHOLE. THIS is how Obama “fiddles the numbers” to make himself look better.

WHAT’S KEEPING OBAMA’S NUMBERS UP? Mostly his own imagination and the willingness of the liberal media to “buy it” when HIS PEOPLE come out with a new “survey” taken in the lobby of the New York Times, long known to be the “newsletter of the Democrat National Committee.” There’s NO WAY in the “real world” a president who has done the things he has done could maintain such numbers unless his people are “fiddling” them.

AFGHAN DEATHS DOUBLE: “In yet another sin of omission, the national press corps has failed to report that more than twice as many U.S. military service people were killed in Afghanistan since Obama took office than in six and a half years of the Bush administration.” Just one more negative for Obama that his “captive media” ignores. This man is DEADLY to Americans! Get RID of him! (Quote from the American Thinker)

HOW MUCH DID THEY GET? Democrats have an ad running about how much money Romney got from “Big Oil,” saying he is “in the tank” for “Big Oil.” Which brings up the question, “How much money have the DEMOCRATS gotten in donations from “Big Oil?” We all know these people always donate to BOTH SIDES. It’s kinda “protection money” to keep whoever wins off their backs (although that’s futile with the Democrats since they HATE “Big Oil.”).” In any case, what can Romney do for them? Bring oil prices down? Since when is that a bad thing?

MEDIA: “ROMNEY TILTS RIGHT”: So? What’s your point? I thought Romney was SUPPOSED to be “on the right.” If he isn’t, I don’t WANT him. A lot of people out there say he is “too liberal.” But ANYBODY is better than Obama; ANYBODY. Bugs Bunny is better.

OBAMA IS A FOOL: He says, “The war with Islamic terrorists is over.” How STUPID is that? We need to kill ALL “species” of Islamic terrorists before that is true. That’s about the stupidest remark I’ve heard from this administration since Nancy said,” We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.”

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