Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why Are Obama's Numbers Still High?

Sure, he is “hovering” around the 50% mark, it seems like a regular thing, no matter what he does to screw up the economy and everything else. But why? Are Americans THAT stupid? I don’t think so. I think his numbers are the result of phony polls. Polls HE controls. Polls that are “targeted” on getting him re-elected. Like Saddam Hussein’s 100% win in the last election before he was deposed and executed, and did not, in any way, reflect reality.

FACEBOOK FLOPS: A couple of days after “coming out” on the Stock Market, Facebook’s stock is selling at BELOW their original market value, which tells me they vastly overvalued it. Now they’re under investigation from the Securities Exchange Commission and are the subject of a lawsuit stemming from that.

“UNCOMMITTED ALMOST WINS IN KENTUCKY: Obama had trouble winning the Democrat PRIMARY election in a state where NOBODY ran against him. How EMBASRASSING! And in Arkansas, a NOBODY won 46% of the votes. This doesn’t bode very well for Obama’s chances in November when they are dependent on REALITY, not rigged “polls.”

OBAMA BORN IN A MANGER: That’s what the Democrats want us to think, anyway. “News Busted says, “Obama wants us to think he was born in Hawaii; his literary agent says he was born in Kenya. But his people say he was born in a manger.”

MORE OBAMA STUPIDITY: He says “Mother Theresa” was NOT doing “religious work” and therefore would not have been exempted from any provision in the health care swindle law. Just one more point in evidence of Obama’s stupidity, and his further stupidity in expecting us to believe it.

“SEEMS TO ME”: That’s the way most people put it when they’re criticizing something Obama did; including Fox. That “seems to me” to be a “wishy-washy” way of making a weak statement. If you really think something is true, SAY so!

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