Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TSA Agent Gropes Congressman

And the TSA Agent who did it wants to press assault charges against this congressman for shoving his hand away after he groped his “basket.” I’m not talking about just brushing his hand over it, I’m talking about GRABBING his penis and testicles. These people think they can do ANYTHING and get away with it. Like “frisking” a four-year-old girl. I wonder if the TSA against who “frisked” her stopped with his hand on her panties.

OBAMA GETS HIS NEWS FROM A COMEDIAN: He thinks Jon Stewart’s brilliant! Jon Stewart isn’t even a NEWSMAN. He’s a COMEDIAN who PRETENDS to be a newsman and apparently Obama is not intelligent enough to know the difference. What a FOOL we have sitting in the White House!

THEY WANT TO CONTROL YOUR EVERY MOVE: That’s the basic liberal wish, and it has led them to make really STUPID regulations (which they seem to have the power to do) as the one that forbids farm kids from “doing chores” by themselves. It drives them to raid children’s lemonade stands and issue huge fines to the children. And they bill children who RESCUE birds $500. When will this insanity end? Probably never, if we keep stupidly electing liberals to office.

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAKING EGYPT LAWS: They’re increasing their power daily in Egypt, and are making such laws as the one that allows a husband to have sex with his dead wife’s corpse for up to six hours after death, and lowering the marriage age to 14! Soon they’ll be making it legal to screw little boys—because that’s popular in countries like Egypt, run by Islam. All this is being protested, but I expect the protestors to soon be dead. That’s how Islamic extremists handle opposition.

MICHELLE’S SPANISH VACATION COST US $467,587: It took 2 years and a lawsuit to get the documents to prove this out of the Obama administration, but it leads to a simple question” What entitles Obama’s wife to spend so much money on just ONE vacation? And how does she figure she has the right to take vacations like this several times a year? Gawd, talk about taking advantage!

DRUG WAR USELESS: I’ll say it again, because apparently nobody was listening the last hundred times I said it: the drug was is USELESS! There are more people abusing drugs today than there were on the day it started. So what good is is? No, I’m not a drug abuser who wants to legalize it. I never even tried pot—and never intend to. But the “drug war” is used by the government to give them an excuse to do things they couldn’t do without it; things that impinge on our rights and allow the government to “impound” a lot of money. With NO results.

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