Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Iran Run By Thieves

Iran’s court system is set up to help the thieves in charge steal from and destroy the people who could possibly thwart them. One Christian minister had been sentenced to DEATH and his LAWYER is now facing the end of his career and a long time in jail, for defending him. He has been told he cannot further defend this man because he, himself, is under a criminal conviction, gained without trial, and without giving him a chance to defend himself. That is not “court,” it is a “kangaroo court.”

“IT DOESN’T WORK”: It never has. That’s what Obama thinks about the free market. He knows better, and he’s lying, as usual. The free market is why we’re better off than other countries that have been here thousands of years and is the destination of choice for people all over the world who wand to better themselves. That doesn’t sound like a system that doesn’t work, to me.

IT’S IN THE THOUSANDS: How many times will Obama mention his imaginary “killing of Osama” during this presidential campaign? It has been thousands of times already, and it’s going to be more thousands of times before the election. He misses NO opportunity to mention it, and even inserts it into conversations about other things.

FRAZZ IS RIGHT: The Frazz comic strip is famous for coming up with “basic truths.” It came up with another one today when the punch line was “A lot of people need to remember our current war.” (paraphrased) Way too many people go on with their lives without giving a thought to the longest war in our history, listening to the lies told by liberals (like Obama) about it.

WHO IS OUR REAL FRIEND? Pakistan PRETENDS to be our “friend and ally.” But they shelter the worst mass murderer and terrorist in recent history right next door to a military establishment. They could not have NOT known he was there. Then they IMPRISON the doctor who helped us find him for THIRTY YEARS for “treason.” How is this a “friendly act?”

MICHELLE “ENDORSES” CORN SOUP RECIPE: Who cares? If I ever eat “corn soup” it will be because I WANT to, not because this woman who “would be queen” thinks it’s good for me. I also eat “corn dogs” and other forms of hot dogs, hamburgers, and other foods that are not good for me. That’s MY decision to make, not hers. Michelle, you can just “screw off.”

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